First grow and adoption. Pics


Thanks again @raustin.


I don’t use Cal - Mag I use this when I flip to 12/12 once every two weeks


You can buy it at the Dollar Store it’s real cheap but works great, the alcohol that is


Well I screwed up and used natures care potting soil when I transplanted to their 5 gal. pots. I noticed in just a couple of days plants weren’t growing. So I bought some organic soil from wally world until I can find some promix locally. It’s just so darn expensive ordering online due to shipping. Well my poor GDP has been transplanted like 4 times in its short life. Well hope they look better tomorrow.


Oh and I can’t forget poor Lazarus hanging in till the end. Such a trooper.


What’s your ph man? It may not hurt to flush those. What’s your watering schedule? If it is caused by overwatering obviously that’s the last thing you want to do. @raustin @DoobieNoobie @PurpNGold74 any input?


6.6 is what I have been using to water with bit I haven’t watered enough to get any runoff. I have been watering about twice a week. It was real crappy soil. I was able to repot all of them tonight but one. I have to get some more soil tomorrow.


Heck man they may be a little thirsty lol when the last time you watered? I would water until you see runoff next time. Get PH reading off of runoff too


2 days ago and yep they are ready for a drink. I will check the ph just got a new meter thanks to UPS pulling up about 30 min. ago. Thanks for your input.


Anytime man


Here are some trichome pics of Lazarus. I have only seen a few with amber heads. Now when is it that you flush it? And since her stem is already split from the light do I need to do anything with that? I don’t really know anything about why it is done. Do you mind helping me @raustin?


You’re not ready to flush yet. I still see lots of white pistils and clear trichs, so you’ve got a few weeks left.

Now how did the stem get spilt by the light? The reason we split the stem, and this is completely unscientific, is to force the plant to stress and produce more resin. Does it work? Maybe. Lol


@raustin do you mind helping me with my ph and ppm meter. I tested my water ph and it is 6.87 now do I add my nutes and retest? And what avout ppm this is for my plants in veg. stage. My ppm is 31. This is before anything is added. Does that sound right?


Yes, you’re doing it right. Once you add your nutes to the water the Ph will change, so it’s important to test that solution and Ph it.

Your PPM depends on how big your plant is. 31 is very low, like for a seedling. As you get closer to flower that should go up to around 900, and then to 1500 in flower, then 0 for harvest.


Just wanted to add some pics. Changed everyone’s soil. They are still alive thank goodness.


Looking good


Thank you@DoobieNoobie. Do you think all that bubbly leaves on the pre 98 bubba kush is ok? BIGE said explosive new growth. Does that sound right to you?


They look good. The light color is just new growth. So they’re definitely growing. They look better than mine at the moment lol.


@raustin would you give me your diagnostic expertise on my pre98 bubba kush? It has some pretty red stems is that normal. And this bubbling then maybe some clawing? I just added a humidifier today cause I think the humidity is very low. I don’t have a gage yet.


Her color is definitely off. Are you feeding her? When was the last time you fed? Also, what’s her Ph?