First grow and adoption. Pics



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Today my GDP is 44 days old. She is having some discoloration to the leaves. @garrigan65 Was hoping it was just the bug issue now I’m not so sure. @raustin just wondering do I start tying down the top now cause she is trying to curve upward to the light.


Yes, keep tying her down, and she’ll keep growing up. Did you get rid of the bug situation?


Yes. I haven’t seen any little critters since repotting and spraying with neem. Do you know if spraying with alcohol is an option? I will tie her down some more tonight.


I wouldn’t spray with alcohol, I would think it would burn the leaves. You can use peroxide though at a 50/50 solution with water.


Cool I will try that just as a precaution.


What you can do is use 70% or even 90% alcohol and mix with water say 50 50
I wouldn’t tell you something if i didn’t use it myself. By it self it drys like right away and clean to i mite add.



Well I don’t drink but am I to buy something like everclear from the liquor store? @garrigan65 And I have one in the last couple of weeks of flower can I use on her to?


@raustin can I use the 50/50 peroxide spray on the flowering lazarus. I dont have any alcohol like garrigan suggested.


Sure, it certainly won’t hurt, but I would get some alcohol and do what garrigan suggested.


I will as soon as the liquor stores open tomorrow.


@raustin do you think my GDP (46 days old) is ready for scrog? Also wanted to report it was the roly poly’s causing damage to her. There has been no new damage. Those areas you see were from the bugs and it has not spread or gotten worse.
And can i fim the other girls.


Yes, you look ready to SCROG, just put the net on and start tucking those branches. You can FIM too.


@raustin can I leave my GDP in a 3 gal. pot or do I need to move it to a 5 gal. I have 5gal.fabric pots that wont be here for another 2 days and that will make a difference on scrog height. So what do you suggest. I am putting netting on my frame now. Waiting till I hear from you b4 I selwct leg height.


I would wait for the 5 gallon pot. The bigger the better, I always say.


@garrigan65 is this a thrip? or whatever you call them. And what kills them?


Ok I got her and the gorilla glue repotted in 5 gal bags and I have 1 scrog built now. Have a 4" stretch to reach the net. Do I tie the branches on top or underneath? @raustin.



@raustin @DoobieNoobie @garrigan65 How much cal-mag do I mix? It says 2-4 ml per gal. Veg. And 3-5 ml per gal. For flowering. And how often do you suggest? I have 1 in ending stages of flower a few in veg and 3 seedlings.


You can either tie the branches down on top, or tuck them underneath, both will work just fine, your preference.

The Cal Mag should be added every watering. Use the veg dose while you’re in veg, then later when you flip to flower add the higher dose.