First grow and adoption. Pics


Well I’ve adopted another plant. She has spider mites and she is very small for being a month. I am going to repot her DE, neem and feed her. She is Tie Dye.

And my 2 autos came up yesterday and I have 1 auto out of glass of water and into a paper towel.
Boy I am gonna have my hands full. But I am so stoked and have plenty of time and patience.


@raustin I think you can see one spot on top if you zoom in on the fim pic. And yeah I have been a little stingy with the water didn’t want to over do it till I thought she could handle more. Thanks for helping me…


I wouldn’t worry about those discolored leaves. If it starts to spread, you can start to worry.


I am real bad to check on my plants often. This time I am glad I did. I found 2 more roly poly’s on the plant and 3 on the soil. I went ahead and did a quick transplant and got rid of the other soil. @raustin Do you think I could mix 2 tsp. of neem oil and 1 tsp. of soap in a quart of water and spray? Or would that be too strong?


What exactly is a rolly poly?


Some people call them pill bugs. They roll up into a little ball if you scare them. They’re black or grey.



Oh, I see. Hmm, i’m not sure what they di to cannabis. I think we should ask @garrigan65. He’s good with bugs.


I’m not really sure they’re a big problem. But I’d remove any I seen to be safe. I’m sure garrigan can answer though.


They were in the soil, I could see tunnels. I was reading another woman’s post and she said they were eating her cabbage and broccoli. So they like green stuff and not just decomposing material.


If they’re in the soil then I think I would go ahead and spread DT on the soil.


I’ll second Raustin on the diatomaceous earth then. That might kill them and at least keep them from traveling back up the stem from under the dirt. Might let the dirt dry out some to since it said they require higher humidity.


Ok will do and thanks for the advice @DoobieNoobie @raustin.


Should I apply the neem oil? I don’t know whether you saw where I posted that above or not.


I’m not sure about the neem oil. I really don’t know enough about it.



From what I know of them , they just eat decomposing mater in the soil and like their soil very moist.
but they have been known to eat seedlings, so beware.

B Safe


Ok, so we got our answer, doesn’t look like they’re a big problem.


I had read that if they don’t have any decomposing material they will eat living material. And after finding their tunnels and 6 on the plant I went ahead and transplanted, neemed and DE’d. Just to be on the safe side.
Also transplanted my newest adoptee Tie Dye.


I want to say a heartfelt “Thank you” to @raustin @DoobieNoobie @garrigan65 for all your wisdom.:woman_student:


Glad you got an answer. And now we all know more for future people. :blush: