First grow and adoption. Pics


Yes, he is wolf at least that’s what the breeder said. He is about a year old has a lot of growing to do. He howls at the coyotes at night. I am from Oklahoma and yeah we do keep unusual pets. He is sitting on Bonnie here, he likes Bonnie.


Today is day 39 for GDP, day 37 for Blue Widow and day 35 for Tahoe OG, Gorilla Glue, Jack Herer, Pre 98 Bubba Kush. And I just dropped 2 autos Himilayan Blue Diesel and Blue Haze in water yeaterday.
I have a question after I fim’d GDP it is now stretching up toward the light. It seemed more relaxed b4. It is about 14 inches away and I raised the shorties to be more even with the GDP. So they get even amt. of light. Did I do something wrong when I fim’d?


Hahaha i love them. Both so cute. I find it amazing that you can have wolf as a pet… Wow…

thats my “wolf” haha


Lol!! He looks pretty vicious riding that pony! I love all animals.


He is a vicious cruel killer haha


I don’t think you did anything wrong, she’s just growing. Maybe she wants more light.


That pic is too cute.


Being a first time grower I ordered the 1000w and 1500w blurples. I plan on getting one of those amazing boards you all keep talking about. But it might be a month b4 I can get it. I have lazarus on the bright 1500w bloom/veg light but I dont think I can put GDP with Lazarus can I?


You could raise the pot a little by putting her on something, that will put her closer to the light.


Ok I will try that, thanks.


Wanted to put a pic of Lazarus up today Age: unknown Strain: unknown but wow does she smell awesome and very sticky. I barely brush a leaf with my hand and it smells and is gummy after. (My hand that is.)


I like her already. Looks like sativa :thinking:


She’s putting off a berry smell and I want to say bubble gum. Super sweet smelling. I was thinking sativa as well. Tall, narrow leaves but I don’t really know.


It worked within 30 min. she was happily laid back down.:slight_smile:


I repotted GDP last night also potted a himilayan blue diesel auto and blue haze auto. And dropped a sweet tooth auto in water today.
And I am curious when should I start training the GDP?


You can start training anytime, just bend.


@raustin do you think this is ok? Should I have tied it iff higher ir lower on the stem?


Nope, that looks good. In a few days you can try to bend her a little more.


@raustin well I pulled her down a little bit more today. However I noticed some discoloring on her leaves. Then I found a rolly polly on her stalk. I put DE in the pot. Do they damage plants or is this something else?

How do you think her top looks from my fim the other day?
And one last thing here is the pic where I tied her down a little bit more is that ok?


Is it just those bottom leaves with the discoloration?

The FIM looks perfect, she’s really looking great, but I think she closely use a little more water now.