First grow and adoption. Pics


@Laurap I didn’t want to overrun the gentleman’s post with my questions but I have one more. Can you tell me more about this tea? And do I drink a cup? :grin: LOL


I use recharge & several other teas. It puts back the microorganisms back into soil or coco whatever youre using. Let me look when i get home. I got a great sample set of teas for $7 takes you thru the grow.
PS. If you drink a cup you may be reminded of Jack Nickleson in Easy Rider! Lol


Well it will be 4 weeks since the flip tomorrow. The girls are looking pretty darn good. They are requiring more nutes and they are thirsty.


I agree @QtPatooty the girls look pretty darn good! :heart_eyes::star_struck:


Well it has been 44 days aince the flip to 12/12. No real problems. Just watching them grow. I also took clones from the 3rd week of flower. So far they are holding their own and started 2 seedlings which are autos, white widow and northern lights. So here are their weekly pics.

Group photo…
Bud pics…
And lastly monster cropped clones and seedlings…
Oops, forgot root photo of clones 2 weeks old.


It’s crazy how they take off once they root! I’ll be watching!


What kind of feeding schedule and what ppm do you use after planting clones? My Gorilla Glue clone looks like it needs some cal-mag. I usually do cal-mag in every watering only not with the feeding. Can I start using the cal-mag and how many ml per gallon do you suggest? But I feed them yesterday ppm 250. Didn’t know if I should give them much with the new root system. Just being a little cautious.


I did feed water water, started a half strength received first full 900 ppm feeding just Monday. I haven’t added any cal mag to her. I get some purple stems but I think it was shock as all new shoots are green. @peachfuzz @Haildamaged @DoobieNoobie they all have experience with clones maybe they can help.


Yep I start half dose of calmag from seedling all the way to harvest. If she looks like she needs it you can even go higher in later life.


From what i can see , they look fine… :wink:



The girls got a flush today I think they appreciated it. Flushed with Fox Farms Sledge hammer. 2 tsp. to gal. water. Then ran a gal. of ph’d water through. Buds starting to fill in. Grabbed a group photo in the dark and my Blue Haze auto.


Looks like a forest :deciduous_tree: in there wow great work.


Thank you @Midwestnewbie it ain’t been easy. Fo shore…


Well gonna post some pics everything seems to be moving along. I should be cutting down the blue haze on Valentines day. Put ice on it, gonna give another ice bath flush and just feed with molasses water and put her in the dark a couple days.


Thought I’d throw in my monster cropped clones and 2 seedlings. Planted 9 days ago. They are really putting in the leaves.


Looking good. Also looks like you may of had a bit of nute burn going on, leaf tips looked a bit burnt.


Trying to dial the numbers in closer. I always check my ph and ppm every water and feeding. I just did a flush last week and the blue haze leaves changed color, but it is about ready to harvest on the 14th. Everyone of these plants takes different amounts of nutes and I have always stayed in the range of 6.1-6.9 for the ph. It’s alot of extra woek but this is my first grow. So hopefully I will become better as time goes on. The plants have been a great teacher besides one lady that helped me since I got here and that is @raustin. I miss seeing her on here. But thanks for the tip and know that I am on it.:hugs:


Not a problem, for your first hydro grow looks like your doing pretty well. And having different strains makes it harder to get feeding spot on. I’ve got 6-8 hydros grows under my belt but i was lucky enough to have had a grow partner that was able to teach me. Not sure how I’d go now as that was like 10 years ago. Got some hydro equipment but think i will stick to outdoor for the time being as electricity is so expensive here in Australia. That’s why most growers here steal it. But that’s an extra charge if your busted by LE.
Keep up your good work.


Sorry if I led you to believe it is a hydro grow cause I grow in soil. It is expensive growing indoors thats one of the reasons I decided to go against the hydro grow. But thanks again.


My mistake, i saw them in small pots & inside so i assumed that it was indoor. If i had a better look at pics i would have noticed no tent, fans, lights etc…
It was early in the morning when i logged in so i wasn’t too with it then.