First grow and adoption. Pics


Can you cut the scrog net off the plant?


Wonderful idea, and yes I can do that. And for now should I just leave the space empty or would you take one of the others and try to put it on the scrog?


If the others have a good possibility of being males, then I wouldn’t scrog them. Also, you might want to clean your tent really well just in case you got some pollen in there.


Ok, just soapy bleach water?


Actually, water alone will neutralize the pollen, but I would use soap too.


Should I mist the plants down with ph’d water also after lights out?


I dont cuss. But F**k it. I got to smoke b4 I can do anything else. I can’t carry that big ass plant anyways but did get it cut out.


Yes, you can do that, but if pollen has already gotten to them then it’s too late.


How long is the impregnation? What do I look for, the same thing balls? Room looks pretty empty now. I have to fix the scrog clean up and reassess my situation. If I drank, I’d be drunk right about now. So I’m gonna cry in my Dr. Pepper. @raustin thank you again and you too @dbrn32 for schooling me. I’m sure there’s a marijuana heaven somewhere waiting for you 2 angels, of course they’ll be waiting a long time.c


The “impregnation” is pretty fast. You should see seed pods starting to form within the week.


I’m going straight to hell for other reasons lol, but I’m prepared to deal with my demons. It’s not terribly long if flowers are developed enough.


Thanks for the laugh. I really needed that.


It’s been 2 weeks since the flip. Had to kill 3 males. But all the rest are showing pistils and no sign of “balls”.:angry: Took out the scrog gonna try it on next grow. The scrog had a male on it that’s why I removed it. LST’D the photos one last time to open them up for more bud sites. @raustin do I continue with the 1 Tblsp. Big Bloom, 1 tsp. Grow big and 1 tsp of Tiger bloom? Anything else I need to be doing?

I try to take my photos with lights on so it makes everything real yellowy. In reality they are green no magnesium deficiencies.


Sorry about duplicate photos, I just can’t see which ones I selected so I hope for the best. Only 2 or 3 duplicates this time. LOL


Add another teaspoon of Tiger Bloom, so:
1 tablespoon of Big Bloom
1 teaspoon of Grow Big
2 teaspoons of Tiger Bloom


Hey bro, having the same issue you had last month with the yellowing. I ordered cal-mag but it took about three days to come and they were in flowering and took a little beating. How long after you started watering with the calmag did you start seeing the leaves darkening?


For me the leaves that were effected never retained their color. It was the new growth that was coming in normal. But I will say since using the cal-mag at every watering, I have not had anymore deficiencies. How far in flower are you?


Only a week in to flowering. I switched Monday and by Wednesday lights outs, I noticed the lighter color. And I did not get the calmag until Friday late morning. Should I clip the affected leaves?so far thebfannkeaves are holding up


I believe they can still absorb light even though they are faded. I would leave them until you get more new growth. Then remove them as necessary. Plus I did a good defoliation and lollipopped right b4 I flipped to 12/12. So it seemed like a week or so b4 her color looked normal.


Cool. thank a mill