First grow and adoption. Pics


Thanks again Ms. Raustin, feels goods hearing that from you. I am working my butt off to take care of these guys to the best of my ability. Sometimes spending as much as 5 hrs feeding, ugh! I am hoping it will all be worth it. Upon their next feeding will do the changes. Oh by the by where is Ms. Afina, I can’t find her again. I wanted to check out the scrog. Having a difficult time trying to get her laid down. I use safety pins.


Well this is my recent ex, we are good friends. Want to hear something funny? My first ex lives with me, but in seperate area of the house. We too are good friends. We had 2 girls together, I divorced him over 25 years ago he is an alcoholic. However 2 years ago he was destitute homeless alcoholic. I took him in dried him out found he had a brain tumor and he has been here ever since. Sometimes God asks us to rise above even ourselves and help your fellow man, forgiveness, understanding and all. We get along fine. Thank God. My moto has always been, “Do unto others as you would have them do to you”. And Thank you for the words of encouragement. Drop by anytime.:wink:


I’ll tag you into the new thread of Afinas grow. The old thread hit 10k, so it was closed.


Thanks to MattyBear for sharing this humidity and temperature chart for each stage of the growth.


@dbrn32 Would you mind helping me out with some lighting worries? I just don’t want to screw up and push these guys too much and have them fail at the end. Ok so you know I hang the 1000w hps and the 2-260w qbs. I spread them around the grow room, so light would be dispersed. I took down the 2 blurples just so you know. Anyway is their such a thing as too much light? This is assuming the temp. stays usually 73-75 during lights on. And the closest one of my plants to the light is 28".
So since adding the new lights the plants have taken off, in 8 days one grew over a foot. I took that light meter around the room to make sure everyone was getting at least 1000. Well most everywhere in the room except corners and the floor it kept pegging out over 2000 and that’s after I raised the lights. So do you see any harm? What would you do?


There is such a thing as too much light. But that will be different for different plants and conditions. Your qb’s there shouldn’t be any issue outside of like 15-16" the 1000 watt hps that kind of distance may or may not be an issue but its reasonable.

Those numbers don’t mean a lot to me. I’m not sure if it’s on a scale of 1, 10, or 100. Just watch your leaves for damage or reaction to light.


Ok, I will go look for some pics of light burn to see what I am looking for. And then hope I don’t see it on mine.:blush:


You’ll see leaves object before you see signs of damage. Based on what you’re working with, focus more on your coverage and you shouldn’t really have an issue.


@raustin @dbrn32 so is this normal? What are those ball looking things?


I flipped 10 days ago. Lord I hope that’s not a boy. Cause I will be in big trouble. I moved those plants all over the place yesterday. And they are all over the plant.:expressionless:
I am going to post this on another board cause I am freaking out right now. I need to put my glasses on more often.


That is wild! There appears to be calyx, but I’ve never seen that kind of production from a female plant. I’m not really sure what is going on there, just as curious as you.


It only happened upon the flip. Do you need more pics? It is really weird looking. I could isolate it. What would you do?


I would probably isolate for sake of not knowing. But that’s kind of a knee jerk reaction. Let’s see what others think.


Could you take a closer pic of the balls, please?


Is there anyone familiar with Monster Cropping that can guide me?

Thanks for the closer pics. I hate to tell you this, but this plant has hermied. Those are male pollen sacks getting ready to open. Get rid of it quickly.


Haven’t had the courage to chop him/it, yet. However I just got off the phone with the guy where I got my seeds from and he said that someone mislabeled the seeds. So he will give me a discount on my next order. Is their anyway I could talk you into looking at the rest of my plants to see if they are female. Remember the reason I didn’t flip cause I never saw pistils but I didn’t see balls either till today.


@raustin I am so sorrt but now I am paranoid. My Tahoe OG on the scrog am I beginning to see the same thing?


Sorry, but that looks like another male.


I think of all the time I have spent on the scrog. Trying to figure out what I could have done different. If anything at all. I have 2 plants on the scrog. I am trying to figure out what would be the best way to go about removing the Tahoe OG without getting pollen spread around. You got any ideas?