First grow and adoption. Pics


I added a diy C02 rig. Seems to be lotsa bubbling.


Well pics of the family. And as you can see I have been having issues. Trying to get the nutes right for the plant. They aren’t all the same and can’t be treated that way. Hopefully they will turn around over the next couple of weeks but I will say they have been spitting off lots of new baby leaves.


@raustin do I feed all the plants the amounts you suggested for the GDP. The photos are within 2 weeks of each other. The autos are 7 weeks old but only 1 has started to flower?


You had said 1 Tblsp. Grow Big and 1 Tblsp. Big Bloom. Also letting you know my run off for the GDP was 1132 ppm and 6.7 ph.


Yes, all the plants can have the same nutes except for the one in flower. For her add two teaspoons of Tiger Bloom to the mix.


After feeding the girls and increasing their nutes and cal-mag, (thanks to @raustin) I think they are starting to look better. Really trying to stay on top of the lst’ing and keeping their ph in check. Maybe things are finally getting easier. Or maybe I’m learning more.:books:

And then the autos…


They look great, good job.


Just updating girls pics. I think I need to clean them up with some de-leafing. Not sure where to start or what to do. Hopefully can get some help from the good folk here.


Will be flipping to 12/12 today. One group pic b4 the double…


Well lots been going on. And will try to post new pics today of the girls. But for now I think I found a genetic mutation on my Jack Herer. So just wanted to post a pic. Its like a single leaf blade grows in the middle of the leaf.

Since I am new to growing thought it was neat.


Well new changes. I was having a terrible problem with the humidity. It was getting as high as 91%. Which would be fine if I was in the jungle, but was inside my house. A new grower I met has been a God send. He brought me a large humidifier which I have been pulling 2 gallons of water out of the room a day. My humidity has been between 45-50%. He also brought me a window unit AC, ridiculous to run AC in winter but I guess whatever we have to do to make the girls happy. He also brought me a 1000w hps w ballast since I flipped to flower. He also brought a exhaust fan with digital monitor. I learned alot real quick. Feel like I have been busting my butt the last couple of days getting this room right. I think I am getting closer. Oh and for Christmas my ex boyght me a 260w quantum board. So I am using 2-260w qb’s and 1000w hps. So looks like I have enough coverage for all 10 plants. I have lollipopped every plant and did a heavy defoliation to open up more areas for bud sights. So hopefully in a couple of weeks the girls will make some magic and bud. So here is the latest pics:
Jack Herer

Granddaddy Purple

Blue Haze auto

Himilayan Blue Diesel auto

Sweet Tooth auto

Tie Dye

Gorilla Glue #4

Blue Widow

On the scrog Tahoe OG and Pre 98 Bubba Kush

I think that’s everyone. I have added Flower Fuel to the feeding schedule. Oh and I repotted the Tahoe OG in a 10 gal. pot, it was a solid mass of roots I couldn’t get it to hold water it would run right through. Now she gets a gal. and half a day. She is very thirsty.


Wanted to tag you all and let you know how things have changed. Humidity is staying between 45-50% and temps are day 73 and night 63. But I wanted to thank you all for taking time out to help me. Here’s to a great grow year for all. @Killadruid @abouttime @Countryboyjvd1971 @dbrn32 @peachfuzz :slight_smile:


Anytime… best wishes to you… :wink:
Lookin good tho… :grin:


That’s great news!


Awsome glad I could help. Looking good.


Anytime @QtPatooty , that should be great for your grow.


Happy to hear that
Happy growing :v:CB :cowboy_hat_face:


@raustin Happy New Year! Since we last spoke I have flipped to flower one week ago today. I have been feeding 1 Tblsp. of Grow Big and 1 Tblsp. of Big Bloom and I just started adding Flower Fuel 1/4tsp per gallon. Now to the question when do I incorporate the Tiger Bloom and how much? And do I still use 1 Tblsp each of the other 2? Anything else you suggest I do please let me know. Oh 1 other thing I noticed over the last week my ph in some of the plants is ekking upwards of 6.8 in the runoff. Do you suggest a flush on all of them and if so should I try to get some type of flush agent? That way I wouldn’t have to use as much water to flush all these guys. That would be 150 gal. of water geez. Anyway your the lady who has helped me with the plants since day 1, I truly trust your advice on my girls. I hope your here to help finish me out. Thanks friend appreciate you.:wink:


Most of my ex’s would just as likely spit on me lol!

Looking great!:+1: I’m glad you got the humidity in check. Keep it up! :v:


Happy New Year! Ok, now that you’re well into flower, I want you to add one tablespoon of Big Bloom, two teaspoons of Grow Big, and two teaspoons of Tiger Bloom. I’m not familiar with the Flower Fuel, but I’m sure a 1/4 teaspoon can’t hurt.

I don’t see any reason to flush, though it’s probably a good idea to have some Sledgehammer on stand by. Your Ph is good, but on the high side, so on the next watering/feeding just lower the Ph to 6.3 and that should bring it down a little. You’re doing a great job!