First grow and adoption. Pics


I started 6 seedlings about a month ago. All different strains. So far everything seems to be ok but just thought it would be nice to share my journey. My Blue Widow had spider mites so I sprayed with neem oil. And plan on doing so on all the babies about once a week. My Granddaddy Purple sprouted 2 days before the others and it is huge compared to the others.
I am also raising a orphan whom I found in the back yard lying on the ground ripped in half white roots totally exposed not a drop of spil on it anywhere. It was attacked by teenage lovers in a feud the night before when I found her. I call her lazarus. The boy had topped her then when it was about 6 weeks old he and the daughter got in a argument and he yanked the plant ripped it in half and threw it on the ground. I found it the following day. That was about 8 weeks ago and she is in the flowering stage. When I found her the only pot and soil I had was a 5 gal. pot with 30 year old soil. I had to transplant it a month ago due to soil issue in flower and then we got a new light this week and the light fell on her, I cried. But she’s with me still. Lazarus has earned her name. Looking forward to sharing and absorbing any weed related tips.

![20181016_101134|374x500](upload://uyn hXC69EfDf8iFNNBlEHHXdTAD.jpeg) w


Here Lazarus is after I found and repotted her.


Looks good keep up the good work.


Thanks for the encouragement :slight_smile:


Badass! Nice save :+1: They all look great.


That’s awesome that it survived that. Guess the old saying grows like a weed is true lol. Hopefully it’ll reward you well for saving it.


Thanks everyone!! I am just now able to reply being a newbie, I had to wait 24 hours to post again. So I noticed a few hairs starting to darken. So how much longer can it be? I think he first planted it sometime in May. The buds still aren’t real plump and maybe that has something to do with her rough life.


So here is the Grand Daddy Purple at 37 days old. Do I fim her now or wait?


Sure, you can fim her now, she’s ready.


Welcome :slight_smile: PS. What the hell is the THING outside???!! I hope it’s a dog???!!! :slight_smile: :smile:


Looks good! Welcome to the forum! Excited to watch your girls grow! Just tag someone with an @ if you have any questions, example; @QtPatooty. Set to watching :eyes:


LOL! OOPS, that’s my wolf. I hope that is what your referring to and not my messy yard. I have 7 dogs that like digging holes.


I have never fim’d b4, so this will be a first. Kinda nervous don’t want to screw her up. Where do you suggest I should pinch?


I am super excited, 52 years I have waited to do this. I am legal now so gonna let her rip!!! My first smoke was when I was 12 on a super wild trip to California and been hooked ever since.


This is a good diagram to show you how to fim.


Ok I am still breathing hard and my heart racing slightly but I think I did it. Here it is.

Uploading: 20181020_142933.jpg…

And this was kinda what it looked like b4 but from a couple of days ago. It was kinda tight in there where I snipped. But it kinda started oozing a bit.


You did good! Now relax, she’ll be fine.


Thanks, I will. You should have seen me trying to transplant the seedlings. Took me all day and there was only four. I shook so bad I thought I was going to break them or drop them. Alas here they are today.


These plants are really pretty tough, you don’t have to worry about breaking them. You’ll get used to it.


Wow he is huge. Is he an actual wolf mix? Sorry for silly questions (not from US) so not sure if you can have bears and dogs playing together in the back garden hahahahaha… Impressive. Im an animal lover myself… Good luck with your girl… Happy fimming :slight_smile: