First grow almost time to harvest lmk what you think!

About 55 days from switch to flower; not sure how many days from first sign of flower; I think I will end up chopping one down sooner than other two.
I didn’t have as much time to show these girls the love I wanted to due to work etc… the genetics are really putting in work for me!

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Looks like she is bulking overall so I would let all those white pistils recede and turn orange before I chopped her. She is putting on her last bulk. I would be giving water only if your not already.


Yep organic living soil! I had a little nutrient deficiency a month or so before I flipped them, gave them compost/ worm castings teas. I was gonna try to let them really bounce back but I can only raise my light so high and I didn’t want them to stretch too close into flower so I just flipped em!

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