First grow almost there

Well here I am again with a update to my first ever grow I believe I am rounding third base and headed to home 6 weeks into flowering if you count the flip or 4 weeks if you don’t count it. My tent temp is staying at 73 F and RH at 46 with lights on and with lights off temp is 67 F and 42 RH


those girls are looking good

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Very nice you have done well with ur first grow most people arent so successful


@Aussie_autos thanks alot for your help

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Ur welcome @Jeepguy anytime

Nice grow. Curious what are the yellow swatches on the soil?

There sticky traps i would say

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@diz yes they are sticky traps I got gnats once so left them there


Looking good. You still have a few weeks.

A Complete Guide on When to Harvest Hemp

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Nice chunky buds!

Ok ta. Hi had no idea

@Aussie_autos hey you are my goto guy since you helped me alot. Now I am getting ready yo chop and dry now I know you dry with lights off so here is my ? With lights off I have no problem getting my temp to 60 degrees or lower the problem I am have is that with lights off the rh in there likes to stay around 45 to 50 but that is with 3 fans going all the time. Now if I just try one fan to keep air moving and the rh does not get much higher what can I do to raise it? Can I run a humidifier in there on low and set my ac infinity to kick on when the rh gets to like 59 and suck it out or is that a bad idea

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Temperatures in the 60’s and RH at 60% is ideal conditions for a slow dry.

Yes that I know have no problem with the temp just curious what I can do about the RH if I can’t get it from 47 to like 59-60

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Do you have exhaust fans pulling out of tent.

Run a humidifier, it’s best to get a inkbird controller and set it to 60%

Yes I will have a exhaust pulling out it will be set to kick on when temp and rh gets to 60 but my rh does not get up past 49

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My I can set the humidifier to what ever rh I want and it will kick on and off on its own without a inbird


While drying its not necessary to have exchange of air. Just a fan moving air around inside tent. Just not blowing directly on plants.


What i do i have one fan going but i dont have blowing on the plant i aim it towards a wall and i use my humidifier to get the rh around 62% and i have my temp about 23-22 degrees Celsius a nice slow dry is the way to go