First grow all organic soil blend help

I have a 30 liter 1.06 bag of living soil how much worm castings should I add I was going with six pounds. Four quarts of perlite and two teaspoons Myco+ with 14tablespoons 444 and seven of 2 8 4. Until flower starts then switching ratio for top feedimg

I usually add about 10% by volume for worm castings. With the myco I add a tablespoon per layer of 2 - 3 inches of soil. I layer it in when transplanting.

I was going to blend all organic nutes with the soil so the first month is only water. Then top dress with more castings and all purpose to 30% and 70% bloom gaia green. @MidwestGuy
I am running autos germinating right in the five gallon pots.