First Grow &All Help Appreciated


I know but I just can’t help it lol I like smoking what can I say. Plus this one I cut is way bigger than the last and will last much longer


Lol I totally get it


But dang man these babies are taking their sweet time lol today is 8 weeks in flower


Yeah that’s why I did autos. I know I don’t have the patience for photos right now. Not until I get a stash built up. I’m in to much pain to have any amount of restraint. I’m counting down the days already. The kids are excited for Christmas and this year so am I lol.


Lol heck yeah man. I’m really really struggling between my next grow seeds. I don’t know if I want the auto pack mix or patriot pack mix. Patriot is fem with AK47,bubble gum and sour diesel. Auto has amnesia have blueberry and northern lights


Only reason I didn’t get that auto was I’m not sure on the blueberry. I do want to try bubblegum and sour diesel. So that’s a tough one.


Well I love any diesel strain. My ex ole lady actually brought me back a 1/4 from a dispensary of skunk diesel and it was great great weed. It’s like the perfect two major strains combined lol


That sounds good to. I love skunks hence my bloody skunk grow lol.


Yeah I seen that lol one day if we ever meet up like we talked about were gonna have to be sure and swap some smoke lol see what the others tastes like


Yep for sure.


Im all in on team Diesel! And ITCHING to flip my Red Diesel. She is like week 6 of veg. And im positive she gon throw off WEIGHT

And looking MIGHTY frosty there!


Thanks man and I bet lol I love diesel strains. I love the high and citrusy flavor


Yea. The feeling behind the eyes u know. N that LOUD flavour. Just :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


What’s good @DoobieNoobie @PurpNGold74 ?! How y’all been? My plants leaves are starting to change colors. Couldn’t get a good indication of exactly what color since its their bedtime when I get home. I may sneak out there tomorrow morning. This time change still has me jacked up lol anyway. Doob man I’m always reading on your grow log but don’t comment much. That bloody skunk is looking good! I know you said the dispensaries are about out over there, wonder what they’d pay for some hillbilly bud grown in the mountains of Arkansas?! :wink: just kidding lol there’s a fine line between being brave and stupid and I don’t feel like crossing either line lol


Lol I think the going rate last I heard was $4k a pound. It’ll fluctuate a lot for the time being. I’m guessing it’ll start to stabilize by spring. My bloody skunks are growing like crazy. I think the red Poison will barely give me anything but there’s still time.


@DoobieNoobie want to see mine? I kinda want to get a good look at them anyway lol
I’ll go get some pics real quick if ya want


Heck yeah they gotta be getting close by now.


Be right back :wink::metal:



What ya think man? I had to check on that deer on my way out to the barn lol I killed that deer Saturday and it’s been cold enough to let him hang so I have. Makes the meat better. I don’t know if you’ve watched the news but it’s a cold sumbitch in my neck of the woods lol


I haven’t looked at the news in ages lol. It’s been cold here even got a few flakes of snow today. The ladies look frosty. Good looking little buck you got.