First Grow - All Advice Welcome

I thought it would be fun to log the process and get advice along the way. Everyone on here seems super helpful.

Hope I dont get crap for repeating myself on this first post. I posted this a few days ago in another thread for help, but I want this one to be more of a journal: Thought I may have over watered them. Was spraying the grow medium only twice a day.

1000w led about 27in distance from plants.
Humidity 55-65%
Temp 74-76
24 hour light cycle.
PH 6.05
PPM 150 (only a bit of clonex clone and seedling added)
Water is half inch above bottom of basket and grow medium (not high enough to touch rockwool), roots are not coming out of basket yet.
Exhale Co2 bag in tent.

Fast forward to today, they are still wanting to curl a bit, but growing. Havent seen much height so I moved the light from 28in to 30in today. Light schedule is now 22-2. I was going to transition to 18-6 slowly since these are auto flowers (kinda worried temp may drop to low with lights off that long. Have a fungi grow on the other side of the room at around 65-70°f). Still running on just a little bit of Clonex clone and seedling, no other nutes. Main root is nice and white and about 10in down getting fat on both girls.

Gonna change the water in a few days at the 2 week mark. Wondering about adding nutes and or cal mag. Here is what I have:

Was thinking it’s still to early even for 1/4 does of nutes and not even sure how much calmag I should add and when.

Is this a dwc system?

Yes sorry, here is the setup:

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I’m not hydro guy, but @WickedAle can probably help you out.

If your roots have reached the water, you can move to full strength pretty quickly. I use GH Flora only (and no other additives in veg) and try to stay under 1100PPM (pH 5.8). I have not used AN. Your nute level should be 1-2 inches below the net cup.

To make changes easier I would route the lines through the lid so you can just swap out buckets, otherwise you will have to use pumps. Also makes cleaning the buckets between changes easier.

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Awesome, thanks! Maybe I’ll start my nutes a bit early.

I’m building a climate tracker too so hopefully soon I’ll have logs on how low the temp is getting at night too. How fast can I change my light schedule any risk in shock?

Yea I already increased my air pump size on my DWC that you stopped in on. Also going to introduce Botanicare NBHGQT to combat any root rot I may run into.

What is your plan to keep tabs on your bucket temperature?

My DWC plant is doing better but still small compared to the soil-plant which I topped tonight and started some light pruning.

Also, just a side note that I have learned. The pH perfect claim that AN makes is straight bullshit. I followed their direction to a tee and my water was running 4.8- 5.2 in my bucket for the first three weeks until guys from here told me to check it.

Larger Pump and Stone made a huge difference

I will definitely be following this grow and look forward to seeing them grow! :sunglasses:

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Nice! one of my buckets are flowing like that, but my other is kinda weak.

Thanks for the heads up on the PH Perfect, I was curious of how and if it actually works.

I’m a tech nerd, so going to run air temp/humidity sensors inside and out of the tent, water temp sensors in the buckets, and etape for water level. Feed them all into a raspberry pi so I can log and monitor everything remotely. I automated the fan based on the temp, but dont want to do much more than that. Love checking on them all the time hahaha

I am the same way with the tech, I do all mine on a pi to a MySQL database that I local host with Apache for easy access. If you need help with any of the code or hardware don’t hesitate to ask!

I run a DS18b20 probe for the bucket and the AM2302 for temperature and humidity. Really works well for this application.

@Bandwidth Haha yes! That’s exactly what I was planning to do. I may hit you up for code when I start getting into it. Im ok with C#, but never coded in Python. My coworker is bringing me in some sensors hopefully tomorrow. I’ll let you know what I get.

You’re gonna need more light when you go to flower

@HornHead what would you recommend? I read autos respond best with 18-6 all the way through.

I run my cfl for 24 hours for about two weeks, switch to my cmh at 16/8 then when flower starts to form. I go 12/12

I was reading and just happened to see this. This is a no no.

At minimum a 1" gap should be between the water line and the net pot

I know :man_facepalming:, I got false info off a post. I changed it about 4 days ago. It’s now 1" below the basket. It now gives me about 3 gallons 12 liters of water in the buckets.

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2 Week mark: Girls are growing fast. Changed the water, cleaned the buckets, and finally added nutes today. I think just in time. From the research I’ve done looks like one was showing early signs of Cal or Mag deficiency. Here is what added each bucket has 12 liters/3 gallons of water:

8ml Cal Mag about 117PPMs
4ml AN Micro
4ml AN Grow
4ml AN Bloom
6ml AN B52
6ml AN Voodoo Juice
Ph to 6.5
PPMs one was 380 one was 400
Water temp 62F

In tent 75F
Out side temp 66F
RH 55-65
Exhale CO2 bag still going
Light about 28-29in 1000w LED

Side note: First flush of :mushroom: harvested, second on it’s way :grin:. Dose testing time :crazy_face:.

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yea my DWC bucket is finally starting to take off, Hydroguard really made root growth explode. What made you decide on 4ml of each AN?

I know the instruction read 1mL/L for cuts and seedlings. For 3 gallons of water that would be 11.34 ml.

I was going with 25% this week just to see how they react then move up next week. Just to be safe.

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Any ideas what may be causing this? I was thinking maybe a calcium deficiency?


Ok, I was slacking and assuming my PH was ok after filling. They spiked to 7.2+. I mixed some water with stronger nutrients (week1 schedule strength) and brought the PH down to 5.7.

I have some brown on the roots, kinda dark, but smells like nutrients… a bit worried about it.

I’m still a little confused on how to follow this schedule:

The plants are 2 weeks old from germination. Does this mean I should be on week 2 nutrient schedule or is week1 from when the roots hit the water? Or something completely different? Lol. All my research sais different stuff.

I really appreciate everyones help!