First grow all advice welcome!

My grow room is 10’x10’x7’ and i have 5 1000w hps lights by hydroplanet with 17 chronic widow plants in Berger OM 6 soil. I started from seeds in seedling trays then to 1gal pots, to 5 gal pots, and finally into 10 gal pots. I’m currently into week 4 of flowering and I’ve been using holland secret nutrient from the beginning and their feeding schedule and it’s all going great. But my question is, for better yield results on my next grow would u suggest lowering the number of plants? Also this is my first grow. All advice welcome! And thank you in advance!

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There are a lot of things that can contribute to final yeild that come into play. How long you veg if you top or FIM do you use lst or Scrog with those lights you should be able to get great yeilds

I think that’s a pretty reasonable number of plants for that space. I personally have a 4x8 tent and grow six plants at a time with little crowding. It really depends on how long you veg for. The longer you veg, the fewer plants you’ll need. It’ll take longer, but save you a few beans each round.

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I vegged for 4 weeks, bc i didn’t have all my lights in when i got started. As far as topping or the other methods u listed i wasn’t brave enough yet to try that on my first grow so I’m just doing ur basic grow and sticking to Holland secrets feeding schedule. I know it’s hard to say and i know y’all are probably asked all the time but do u think it’s reasonable to think i could yield around six pounds? Or is that wishful thinking?