First grow AK47


Agree ! The plant will grow straight to the light and you should have no problems.


Thanks for the feedback guys, I moved her directly under the light everyone’s advice. Should I possibly consider some training to anchor the main stem to the side of the pot and attempt to straighten it out?


I wouldn’t worry about her being straight, she’ll be fine the way she is, but you could certainly start training her.


Took some additional pics today, honestly it looks like she may begin flower any day if she hasn’t already, looks to me like this may develop into four main tops:

Nice shot of the whole plant, at this point the newer fan leaves appear to be a pretty dark green so I think i’m still good on my feed-less watering for the time being:

For some reason two of the main fan leaves off the first node at the very bottom are yellowing but that is about it:

Portions of the main stem have this red hue to them, anything to worry about?