First grow AK47


Agree ! The plant will grow straight to the light and you should have no problems.


Thanks for the feedback guys, I moved her directly under the light everyone’s advice. Should I possibly consider some training to anchor the main stem to the side of the pot and attempt to straighten it out?


I wouldn’t worry about her being straight, she’ll be fine the way she is, but you could certainly start training her.


Took some additional pics today, honestly it looks like she may begin flower any day if she hasn’t already, looks to me like this may develop into four main tops:

Nice shot of the whole plant, at this point the newer fan leaves appear to be a pretty dark green so I think i’m still good on my feed-less watering for the time being:

For some reason two of the main fan leaves off the first node at the very bottom are yellowing but that is about it:

Portions of the main stem have this red hue to them, anything to worry about?


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Taking a close look at her it looks like some of the leaves are slightly taco shaped and I read this could be a possible symptom of light or heat stress. Taking this into account I finally got a thermometer/humidity reader and with the light on it’s showing as 83F - 84F and dropping down to around 74F - 75F at night with the light off at the canopy. I’ve got one of those with the remote sensor for outdoor that I have duct taped to the side of the tent at canopy level. The highest point on my plant is also about 15" -16" from the light currently and does not seem to be growing much higher I don’t believe.

I could raise the light possibly by 2" to 3" at most or I could also possibly turn off the veg switch on the LED or something? Let me know your guys thoughts.



Can you post a pic of the taco leaves? 84° isn’t that hot, it should be fine. What kind of light do you have?


Light is 600w vipar LED with both bloom and veg switch on all the time on 18/6

I’m also thinking I should possibly start with the bloom soon. Looks to be starting to resemble some flower at the top.

This leaf I can see it a bit:

And here is a better example perhaps:

Overall how she looks atm:

Here’s an idea of the distance from the light:


You’re gonna wanna run both bloom and vegg switches during flower. And if you can’t get lights any higher, tie the plant down so ur doesn’t stretch into the light


Might want to consider supercropping if it hasn’t been in flowering too long. She will stretch more as she finishes up.

Scrog might be a consideration also. That would spread out the plant and increase your yield.


I would try to supercrop that top, that will keep it away from the light as she stretches.


So i have two smaller stems with buds developing off the main stem at the top. Just bend down both these stems?


Have you ever supercroped before? You have to break the inside of the stem without breaking the outer part. You squeeze and roll it between your fingers till it stays down.


I’ve never done it before personally, just been watching some videos on it. Is it feasible to do this on the main stem below all of the tops? It looks like there are about 6 bud sights branching off two tops from where I topped her. To maximize the height it would seem to me that supercropping at the main stem would be the best.


I would bend her right here…


The deed is done:

Definitely got some height back


Nice job! Well done, she’ll be fine, don’t worry.


There is a really good video on you tube about supper cropping that you have to listen for the little snap on the stem. He also goes on to tell you how to fix branches that you over bent. You can rap tape around it and it will mend back together very informative. Good job on your first bend. I am just LST my girl on this grow don’t want to push my skills to much wanna get my toes wet first.


Did some additional adjustments today with the light and moved it up just about as high as this tent is going to feasibly permit, measuring about 18’ - 19’ from the tops currently.

Can hardly tell at my attempt at supercropping at this point:

I’m thinking perhaps I should try to pinch a little more forcefully next time?

Regardless she’s praying and not looking too bad:

Did some more defoliating today, hoping some healthy looking bud sites lower in the center get enough light now, with this overpowered light along with the mylar I don’t think that will be an issue:


Kind of unplanned LST. Take advantage and start training that girl. Good luck!@renzore101


After you break the stem, you’ll wanna tie it down. If not, it’ll just pop back up like yours did. But you did succeed in supercropping