First Grow - 7.5 weeks in, rust color on leaves

Hi All,

I have 4 Blue Dream autos. They were all started at the same time, (though 2 are much bigger, don’t know why). Things seemed to be going along well, but this week I noticed some of the leaves of the 2 tall plants have brown/rust colored markings on them. Any ideas what this is?

Fyi, I’m using FoxFarm Ocean Forest soil & FoxFarm Liquid Nutrient Trio Soil Formula: Big Bloom, Grow Big, Tiger Bloom. I only give nutrients 1x week, and only 1/2 of the recommended dosage. (Afraid of too much.)



I didn’t see cal/mag on your list. Are you adding it in addition to your nutes ? Looks to me like a calcium deficiency


Are they older leaves? Top/bottom/ spread out in the plant?

This video might help.

I think you’re looking at a phosphorous deficiency. May want to bring up your feeding. Maybe 3/4 strength.

Just my two cents…

My guess is Calcium as well. Get a good Cal/Mag supplement.

GREAT video! Thanks :slight_smile:

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