First Grow 58 Grams (Spider Farmer Single LED Board) Back for New Lighting Ideas

Moving out of the small grow tent into a 23 x 23 closet. Going to add Portable AC and vent thru attic by using dryer vent flex hose and charcoal up thru the attic.

I am using a Spider Farmer LED the Small board about 12x12 measurement. Maybe slightly larger.

I am looking for a bad ass light set up for flower, but want to stay away from expensive bulbs that suck down mucho electricity.

Can a IGLM board pro reccommend a light for this small closet. I am thinking about a 1 each 4 inch or 2 exhaust 4" holes for charcoal filtering exit points into the closet or tying in to vent like for filtered air leaving 23x23 standard height closet.

Light upgrade is it possible for this small space?

Ready to germinate 2nd grow soon.

Glad to be back.

@beardless still see he is around, @Hellraiser too. Hope they can impart wisdom on my ass.

Going to try my luck at a hydro with a dirt pot back up when I fuck that hydro grow up…LOL

Stay Green

Initials, Naaw.



Do a single board hlg 130 setup in there for a light

One big planter and only have one plant growing

Your space is already too small for a single plant to grow fully in so you’ll have to maintain the growth by lst methods or run an auto


Welcome back ! I would go with one plant an 4inch exhaust with carbon filter. As @PharmerBob mentioned
One of the smaller HLG. Kits would be a good choice.


I would recommend the HLG 135 R spec as well - perfect light for that space and what I use in a 2x2 tent.


Are the HLG 135 R power hungry? Wattage draw and do you turn up during flower to a higher intensity.

I would love to hear about some of your better grows in this confined space and what strain you had the best luck with.

I remember some of the stuff you were doing last year with clones and freezer, etc. Sounds like your thumb is pretty green.

The spider farmer LED 1000 is around 100 watt draw and I made alot of mistakes round one but the buds were good and I got stoned. I actually think the fox farm dirt did alot to minimize all the wrong I was doing on the grow. This time I am going to prune the plant which I did not do before.

First grow was in a tent 27x27x60 and I got 58 grams I think it was blue dream. I definitely want to crop it this time

I lso got some notes on a hydro and I got a couple buckets kits and would like to try and give it a go, but when the wheels come off a hydro grow it can go bad quick so not sure if I am up to the hydro experience yet

I have purchased a 6000 btu room ac that I am going to pump air in thru a dryer vent 4" flange c0ming in low to that grow closet about 4" off the floor. Installing new power to the closet to do it right, for the small space, I guess doing it as well as I can.

Going to vent the AC unit out a bedroon closet to the outside thru 6" exhaust and a 6: louvered dryer vent on the side of the house. I am going double charcoal one in the closet and one in the attic,

I got the SF1000 but wanting brighter light to make better buds. I am going to Germinate soon and try and get a 2021 Grow Going.

Thanks for the suggestions. I am going to look at it and check it out.


The hlg draws a bit more at but I’d think it’s about the same as the spider.

Not a power hog at all. I use a couple and don’t notice much if any difference in bill.

I wouldn’t do any hydro until you can really get enough room to do it properly. Maybe try coco to start.

Checkout Autopot systems if you do or if you ever get tired of watering


Hlg LED lights are very energy-efficient I run two of them. yes during flower crank the wattage up. Google hlg website for height recommended.


I’d compare the HLG 100 3k, the HLG 135 R-Spec, and the Mars Hydro TS1000 (listed in ascending order by maximum draw and ppfd). The Mars has the best dimming mechanism. The HLG 100 cannot be dimmed.


HellRaiser, Think I have some relatives might be related, myself…LOL

If you don’t mind, what is your best Yield out of that 2x2 with the Grow Lights you stated? Strains that do well in a cramped 2x2 space from your personal opinion and Green Thumb results, if you would care to share?

I am researching this light. This is the last thing I need as I can start with SF 1000. It may sound cheesy but I am going wire a 4 way into the interior of the closet at chest height so I can set blower on the top rack of closet…going to leave that shelf in so I can screw the exhaust fan into the wood so it won’t vibrate off. Thinking both Prefilter inside the closet, and a 2nd Charcoal filter in the attic.

I calculated the Cubic Feet so I have more than enough Exhaust fan, I hope. Last time the old lady did not like the smell as I kind of lit up the house with fragrance. Mouth watering when I unzipped the tent.

I think I may do refletix on the walls. Was thinking old school tin foil?

Humidity is low in and under 40%, thinking the 6000 BTU AC will be perfect for the space and with moving the air out of the closet.


Hoping to get north of 60 Grams on this next grow/ plant.

I am hoping loping it at the 4th growth flattens and bushes it out better this time around.

I prolly will go back with the Fox farms Dirt as I have loaded the grow bags 5 gal with Dirt…I think they are 5 gal?


I am too stupid not to stick with autos, Bro.

I may throw a few seeds next spring and try a outside grow next season, a bush or three would be nice.

I have seen some nice LST training videos and will incorporate in Grow 2. I think Grow 1 main objective was not to kill the plant…LOL

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Board I have just purchased this thing>> AC Infinity CLOUDLINE T4, Quiet 4” Inline Duct Fan with Temperature Humidity Controller.
Closet is at 24x24 and normal 8ft I think height

205 cfm per min is the rate. Can I place a prefilter in the closet and a 2nd filter on that same line on the top side of my attic?

…basically 2 filters one line.

I am thinking overkill is cool as I can’t be too out there…

R-Spec HLG 135W QB V2 High Intensity LED Kit (

Is this standard to put the board together? I know this is not advertising, but can people reccommend a good place to buy this135 board if not this place? Good customer service if things are FUBAR, etc?

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That’s the right place, see if code “dude” still gets you ten percent off. Their customer service is solid.

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I don’t normally flower in the 2x2 tent, it’s for my clone mothers, starting clones and seedlings. But if I was to flower in it, I’m sure I could pull 4 ozs from it with the HLG 135 rspec.

I used to put mylar up on the walls when I grew in a closet.

If humidity is low, an AC unit will only make it lower as a AC unit is about the same as a dehumidifier except it cools the air as well.

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Hell Raiser, I went ahead and opted for a AC unit (Actually 8000K btu) as the 27x27x60 tent I used when I took the USS Minnow out to sail the first time seemed to heat up into the 80Fs even using the SF1000 which was a 90 watt equivalent full spectrum board. I had to unzip the tent to keep things around 76F. When I got up in the 80s on that first grow seemed to be too hot.

I am hoping with the Fan that moves 204 CFM pulling out heat from top of closet (Dual Inline Charcoal Filters…Hoping it wont choke out the motor being swamped,) into attic space and pumping in cool into the closet thru 4 inch dryer flange on sheetrock exterior side closet wall. I could cut a additional 4 inch into attic ceiling…(giving me 2 holes if I did it this way, each with a single in charcoal venting each separate line into the attic. I have 2 exhaust Fans. One from the first grow which is low priced on / off and a new one I purchased that has a variable control and temp read out on the controller head. I am interested to see where or how I can mount the temp sensor in closet, or how that actually works.

Auto Flower: With the 135 board, My game plan is Lighting 20/4 all the way start to finish. Not sure but I used that on the first one and seemed simple enough. Read that somewhere…LOL.

I see this 135 board says to keep it 18-24 inches away from seedlings, or I think I read that. I am going to assume it will be on full blast / 100% dialed to max the whole way from sprout to cut down. I am going auto flower to keep the rookie mistakes down to a acceptable (I hope level)

Any tips using this 135 board as to how close to keep it to the plant during the various.

Germinate- Dark
Seedling " What % of Brightness on Variable Knob%
Veg_____ "What % of Brightness on Variable Knob___%
Flower___ "What % of Brightness on Variable Knob___%

You Stated…


I don’t normally flower in the 2x2 tent, it’s for my clone mothers, starting clones and seedlings. But if I was to flower in it, I’m sure I could pull 4 ozs from it with the HLG 135 rspec.

Your quote gives me hope Brother. Throw out any tips you may have when it comes to Weed in General. I am real good at smoking the shit out of it, but Growing it…well, I am eager to learn!

Well I am not much for editing…going to leave it…as is…

Standard to put together, if you want to save yourself a few 100$!

Plus it’s rewarding AF! when you put your first together and it works! You’ll be a master in no time.

That fan is going to change to rooms air out in 15 times a minute, or once every 4 seconds . Pretty fast air exchange!

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Best to get a watt meter like a Kill-a-watt or similar (Kuman makes cheaper ones) and dial in the watts with the 135. Don’t need full power for seedlings or veg. For seedlings I start at about 80 watts and go up to 100 watts for veg, Save full power for flowering.

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loving the tips your guys are throwing out there to us Rookies. I know for sure the Old lady gonna be alot happier will the hopefully lack of smell. I have most of the parts so today going to get after it I want to be sprouted by1 2021.

I am in germinate and will have the closet ready to go. Going to route the exhaust line up thru attic this AM after I tyvex suit up to belly crawl thru the low area. I am going up and then route the exhaust (Charcoal filtered) to the middle area of the attic above.

Question: Can somebody give me the exact measurements of the board “HLG 135 R” I am going to grow 1 x plant in the closet. Hopefully I can go ahead and buy the board and be ready for early veg to swap it out. I will start with my SF 1000 board. coming back to post a few pics here in a minute.