First grow 5 clones. think everything is okay

I received these clones on July 20th, they were transplanted from kcup to 5 gallon pails. Up until last week they were growing Outdoors (lol. Camping tent) during the day and brought in for the night. They were treated twice with azamax spray. And a layer of Demetrius earth every other week or so.
Nutrients since day one has been
ANSensi grow
Voodoo Juice and piranha
Equipment that I’m running is 2 600 w vipraspectra and one nanotech T5 reflector

Room temps 29-32 day / 45-55 H
24-28 night / 55-65 H
Waiting on dehumidifier…only basic window fan for exaust at the moment

Looks like they’re pushing to flower I guess by the middle of September I’ll flip them to 12 on 12 off. they’re currently running 16hr on.

Cheers :blush:

First pic is day 4 just after transplant


Looking good my friend. Yup they are tryna flip for ya.

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You should try some LST or some super cropping before going to flower

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I’ve been tinkering around with that… in that one picture with a nano light… her head was accidentally broke off… a week prior I fim it and use clothesline pins. I have Ropes from floor to ceiling once I flip I’ll start weaving a mesh around them

Today this girl getting strength & bend training I leave it on for the day take it off at night. Tomorrow she will rest… repeat if necessary.

I’ve been getting some pretty good growth results as a result of this

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Nice repurposing of a cheap and readily available product :+1:

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Trucker turn Gardner LMFAO and hey those clothes lines pins they work pretty damn good. once I release them she will usually stay in place maybe a degree or two of movement overall.

I used to be a trucker so coming up with fixes and all that stuff was part of the job especially when you’re in the middle of the woods hundreds of miles away from any store
I’ve been disabled just about a year now… cannabis has been the savior. Too expensive to keep up, so growing it would be the best of choice. Keeps me busy and my mind off the road

@Mr.Indica Cheers


I bet it’s been helpful, I think more than just the medicinal benefits you’ll get from it, growing it is a fun experience, a hobby if you will.

Ladies are looking good. Let’s see how they progress. Watching.

Well today I mixed up a batch of Nirvana with a little bit of molasses 2 liters per pot. I was surprised to see my girl in the black pot is really bushing out thanks to the nano light :grin:
Since I’ve implemented misting before feed or watering… turn off my main lights leave only Nano light on wait 10 minutes, mist away, wait 5 then water or feed…canoeing of the leaves have disappeared, No droopy just perky & man do they smell Beautiful afterwards…


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If you tie them down… don’t untie them… you will really be amazed at what happens… :wink:
Best wishes my fellow cultivator… :grin:


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Been pretty hectic the past few weeks
Flip the switch on September 10th girls went into flower nicely. One clone I cut I kept it in flower state, looks pretty good so far