First grow. 5 bag seeds of unknown origin

Way more room to breath and let that might down in. You went heavier than I did, I wish I had gone in more. I can barely tell that I stripped them down they’ve filled back in so much.

Yea I was a bit concerned with as much as I took off. Just hope it doesn’t stress them too much. Curious how they look today. Have a few more hours to wait and see.

Looking forward to the update

They looked good last night. Here’s a few pictures of the day after defoliating.

Won’t even be able to tell soon!

Sorry for being absent been busy.

For anyone following along I have watered again today and am starting to see some changes. Take a look!

I did trim a few leafs that were beginning to cover some bud sites. (Unable to tuck them)

@Underthestairs what ya think bud?


Good looking forest in there…

I’m thinking you should be proud. It’s a lovely sight! How’s the smell now?

Looks real nice man! Lots of Green.

Yea they look good and smell good. Nervous that I haven’t given any nutrients and wonder if they are where they should be for my 4th going on 5th week of flower.

I’m trying to remember without going back… Fox Farms soil? If you haven’t given any nutes yet, I’d say it’s time. Everything still looks good. CalMag wouldn’t be a bad place to start. What type of nutes are you using?

Get your runoff measurements and see what’s left in your soil.

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The drip container is so small it barely holds the fabric pot. It’s going to be a pain to hold the pot up and get a reading. ( I plan on buying bigger pot holders next time around.

Also yes fox farms. I’m sure it’s time. Thinking I’ll start feeding Half the recommended tiger bloom fertilizer I got,

I would try to get the plant watered well and running off. Then discard the first bit, and pour it into a measuring cup or similar. Take your reading from there.

Sorry I haven’t been able to update much lately.

Checked the runoff. To be honest I don’t remember now what it was. It was low. Gave tiger bloom with my water at half the recommended amount. Few days after noticed a little yellowing in the lower leaves. Otherwise look pretty good. Here’s a few photos


Steady progress in there.

Beginning to see some browning hairs :slight_smile: