First grow. 5 bag seeds of unknown origin

Looks like it to me man! Count your blessings! Hopefully it is an omen of a good crop! :smiley:

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Maybe this is the moment it all turns around forever

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you

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Using basically a gallon of water per plant. No nutrients because I repotted with fresh ffof soil.
They stunted for maybe a day or 2 after repot. Now they are getting huge! Scared I won’t have time to wait for the new building to flip them. Any thoughts? I’ll add some pics.

All depends on how high you can get your lights. If they get too tall you can always super crop them. But yeah you probably want to flip soon… going to be some biggin’s! Stretch can increase height by 2 - 3x

I raised my lights because I felt like they were getting too close. I’ll be damned if less than a week later they are up there again. I really want to hold off until I get my building set up. But I don’t think it’s going to work out.


You’re doing too good of a job lol! Its a good problem to have!


This whole situation is awesome. Sorry you’re feeling with building transitions… but very like Dank said. It’s a good problem to have.


Btw, you can purposefully underwater them to slow them down… Wait till they droop, then water.


@Dankloud yea but where’s the fun in that?!
First grow I want to knock it out the park!
That is if I don’t F it up. Lol

I will probably order another light soon. And add the fan and filter I want in a week or so. Go ahead and switch the plants to flower and hope my building gets here quick. That’s going to be a pain to move them, when they are that big, out of the tent and move the tent. Then move them back into the tent. Also redo all the lights and fans and everything… that’s going to be a rough day!


Yeah you have some work ahead of you that’s for sure! It will all be worth it though. It feels amazing to grow your own.

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Alright. So I went ahead and made an executive decision…

I ordered the AC infinity cloud t6, that will come with the humidity and temp controller for my vent fan and a charcoal filter.

I also ordered the hlg 260 qb r spec.

That should give me plenty of light. As well as the fan and filter.


Just got a call from the place I bought my building from. Will be here this Friday! Sounds like I better get my but busy.


Sweet man! Keep us updated!

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Living vicariously. I’m glad things are coming along!

So get home from the beach to find 2 of them wilting looking sad it’s been getting extremely hot in this garage and I’ve got to do something quick. Will take some pictures soon.

I forgot to take pictures.l while they were droopy. I gave them plenty of water and this morning they are all back to normal.

Temp in the tent on a hot day outside pushes to 93-94. Until I can get my building ready they are going to have to put up with that temp.

I know adding extra humidity isn’t always ideal, but have you ever seen an ice filled cooler with a fan mounted to it through drilled holes for a mini temp ac unit?

Yea I thought about making one. I bought an AC unit for the building I plan to use. May put it in near the tent until I get the building completed. If it helps out at all I’ll be happy. After I watered them they look normal today. Think they were drinking a little more with it being hot and we’re mostly out of water.

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New light and fan added to the tent. Also switching to flower today. Turned off the lights last night at around 9:30. Lights will come back on tonight around 9is, so almost 24 hours of uninterrupted darkness. Will be running 12/12 from here on out.

Tonight when the lights come on I will defoliate heavily at the bottom half or so of the plants. They are way too bushy atm.

Any suggestions feel free to chime in!