First grow. 5 bag seeds of unknown origin

Runoff ph stated 8.8. Will check again when I water again.

Found some gnats today. Moved my fan around and have been watering less frequent. Trying to let them dry out a little more. I think I was overwatering as I was not letting the soil get very dry before putting the water to it again.

As far as I’ve read over watering is the #1 cause for most new grower issues. I read it enough times that I had the opposite reaction and was under watering which made my girls smaller than they should be. Watering properly is nuts, harder and easier than it sounds. And when I get it right, the overnight growth on feed days is incredible.

If your runoff is at 8.8 I would search flushing and see about getting your root pH back where it should be in the mid 6s.

Yea I’m lettting them go 2 more days before watering. I let me wife water them this past time and didn’t get any readings.

I did use some mosquito bits and added a fan to help with the gnats.

Have a few questions. I want to make sure I’m looking in the right place for sex as they should be ready to show signs soon. I don’t see anything yet. Just looking for confirmation.

Today I noticed some yellow tips on the fan leafs. Anything to worry about?

@Underthestairs ph going is atm is 6.5.
Ph of run off was 6.2.

Plants today looked very dry and depressed. Gave them some water as the pots weren’t very heavy. A few pictures for an update.


They’re looking pretty good too me. Make sure your ph stays on point like that. Stick to your feed and flush schedule. Someone on here was talking about having enough runoff on every water that they never really need to flush, maybe that was @Hellraiser ?

Keep reading!

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Yeah I always water to at least 20% runoff, 10% minimum - it’s essential if using chemical nutes so the salts don’t build up in the medium…


Yea still running off of the nutrients in my ffof soil. After that I plan to begin using ff nutrients at half strength.

I was not watering to run off before about a week ago so as long as these gnats will go away I should be fine. Currently using fans and mosquito bits. We will see. Fans are oscillating but still seem to dry the plants out a lot faster. And I still see gnats sitting on the soil even though the fan is blowing pretty hard.

I’ll give it a week or so and see what happens with them.

I’m ready for them to show me their sex lol!

Thank you guys for the help!

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I’m sure @Hellraiser will mention this, but mosquito bits only help with larvae inside the soil. Neem oil and yellow sticky traps will be your go to for your issue I believe.


So I read another post on here. Couldn’t tell you which one from all that I’ve read. However I thought if fix my humidity, how much I water, have fans moving air better and added the mosquito bits they would die off within about a week? Am I missing something? I thought the adults only have a life span of around 7 days, if they are unable to reproduce they shouldn’t be around after that right?

Yes you are correct. Just saying yellow traps are a good idea too…

I got you. The day I finally had too many I tried using yellow sticky notes… didn’t work as I had 0 on there the next day… think my old sticky notes weren’t sticky enough lol. If they don’t die off soon I’ll be buying some. Have them in the cart ready to be ordered.

Just sitting around thinkin :leaves::leaves::dash::dash:They do seem to be drinking water a good bit faster… at least I think they are? I can’t remember the last time I watered… couldn’t be more than 3-4 days ago… I should really keep a log of what I’m doing…


Yeah that’s normal and a good sign! Means the roots are undergoing vigorous development. You are on the right track man. I just hope they don’t turn out to be males!

A few things I noticed that may help. I may be mistaken, but it looks like the center of the plants are receiving the most water. It is best to start watering a little away from the center to keep the roots searching and growing for water. I just start doing this after the first node after the cotyledons as I feel like at that point roots should be well enough established.

Also, they will get droopy when they get dry. And sometimes when that happens and you water them, it will get worse for a bit too. Just make sure you aren’t over watering either and that the pots are light before watering.

I try to put water around the outside first. A little difficult since I’ve tied down the plants and almost no room on that particular side. But I usually try not to even wet the stock unless unintentional. I’ll pay a little closer attention when watering.

I keep waiting for them to tell me male or female. Surprises me a little that they haven’t showed. The seed I gave my friend has already shown it’s a girl. I’m still over here waiting lol.

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Make sure you are looking at all of the nodes because some times it takes a while for them all to show. Can we get some pics of the nodes? Mine came in around the 4th node or above pretty quickly.

Here are pictures of 5 different plants. I don’t see anything atm.

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Weird indeed! When do you plan on putting it into flower? I wonder if you have to wait for preflowers to put it into flower… Hmmm

Think this one may be a girl?


Hey there ya go! That’s a girl indeed. Two pistils coming out of the calyx.

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Is this another girl?


Think so. Looks like there are pistils coming out but harder to tell on that one for certain.

Edit: just looked again, yes fairly certain is a female! Just make sure to keep an eye out for little balls with no pistil coming out.

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