First grow. 5 bag seeds of unknown origin

Thank y’all for the quick reply.

Any reason not to get the cheap meters from Amazon? Planning on getting a ph meter and one to check ppm from the run off think it’s called a tds meter?

I’m also noticing on the one plant that is drooping there are small white spots on the tips of the leaves. Haven’t found anything related to that either any suggestions?

If you plan to make it a long term hobby… get the best you can.

You can get the cheap amazon ones or you can grab a combo meter that reads ph/tds all in one device. I would suggest the Apera PH20 for a ph meter. That’s gonna be the the best “cheapish” meter you can buy.

White spots on the leaf just look like dried water

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Makes sense I was spraying the sides of the walls with water. Thanks for that info. And I’ll look that meter up now. Thanks guys they are looking a lot better today. I moved the light back a inch or so and also might have had my light on too long. Think it was on 20/4.

They look a lot happier today.

Is it normal for the first set of actual leaves to be droopy? Maybe not getting light because of the leaves above it?

And when is a good time to begin trimming? I only ask because I would like to clone them(if I can figure that out) and force the clones into flower to see which are females. Any advice is appreciated.

Curious when I should begin lst training or topping.

Is it possible to keep the tops alive as clones? I want to see which are male and female so bad lol. Thanks in advance!

How are my girls looking?

Also anyone know if this light is worth adding to my light? It was free. @dbrn32 I hear you’re the light guy around here!

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They look green and healthy. If you can manage canopy temps the additional light should help.

Cool I’ll leave it up. When it turned on purple it made me wonder if it was worth keeping. Appreciate the info.

First LST. How did I do?

Did this 2 days ago. Will post an updated picture in a minute.

You’ll want to be careful of using bare wire, it can cut into your stalk as she grows. Manipulating them is my favorite part.

Ok. Thanks for the heads up. I had it lying around. Went yesterday and bought some cheap pipe cleaners and plan to use those. Someone on this site recommended them for someone else to use.

I use either clothes pins and string or coated cooper core electrical wire. Works great for me.

Cool I’ll try the clothes pens as that was a chore to get to attach. Thanks again!

Sometimes I’ll use garden anchors to attach the clothes pins… you can see the orange string, sometimes pinned to the edge of pot… sometimes to the garden anchors. I hope that helps!

Awesome. I asked my
Wife of we had any clothes pins and she gave me these little bitty inch long clothes pins. They actually work perfect. Finished doing some lst on 3 more plants.

Noticed some spots on my
Lowest set of leaves is this a problem? Figured just remove the bad leaves? Thanks for any help. The new growth seems to be fine. I’ll tAke more pictures when I get back home later.

Any time you post pictures of issues try to get the whole plant too. I’m certainly not the resident pro! But anyone who can give you guys advice will want to see both. Lower leaves go first, but you obviously don’t want them dying early. I have that happen on mine that I LSTd to tight to the soil do they’re frequently over moistened. I leave them till they self prune (which may or may not be right). Do you have runoff readings yet?

Gotcha here’s a full body shot. I think the rest of her looks pretty good.

I haven’t checked runoff. I did check what I was using to water them and it was 8.5… :neutral_face:

So waiting on some ph up and down. Plan on picking up some distilled water this afternoon.

Also soil may be a little hot as I recently transplanted into ffof. When I water I have been adding half the stated amount of ff big bloom.

She doesn’t look terrible to me.

Sounds like a great plan. Since your water is such high ph you’ll really want to check your runoff, if you’re too far out of range it can throw off your plants ability to take in and use nutrients.

Remember to @ some of the pros with more specific questions once you have all the rest of your numbers.