First grow. 45 days in. Leaf issues, please help! (pics)

Tangerine Autos
First grow ever
purple cow indicanja soil
watering every 2 days or so
california grow 250 lighting
75 night temp 77-78 day temp
on a 18/6 light schedule

i keep having these issues with my leaves. i have experimented a little with the light, as i thought it was burning them out. (i had the light within 3-4") so i raised it up slowly over several days to 14-16" above canopy

im really bummed because they were looking really well until 4-5 days ago and other than the light i havent changed much

i also bought a california grow uvb. and any suggestions on when to start that, or if i even should, and possibly a height and time for on/off.

man im asking for alot! I appreciate any help tho!

Doing good on your first grow. Missing some info here though. What are you feeding? How much are you feeding? Are you ph’ing your water?

thanks for responding so quick! they look good, im just getting worried…

Water is runoff basically of a fresh water fish tank and bottled water. I live in city and my water at the tap is full of chlorine so was afraid to use that

as far as feeding, I havent given them any kind of fertilizers or anything. Just the water and light.

i wasnt ph’ing cause i took advice from a buddy and he says the ph in this water im using is perfect and this water would help with nutrients. idk, maybe its the problem.

Fish water should already be good on ph then but would be a good idea to verify. The fish water is also going to be hard to know what and how much nutrients are in it. A tds meter can give you an idea of nutrient level but won’t break down the different nutrients and amount of each. The dirtier the water the more nutrient rich it should be. Looks to be lacking calcium. But the newer leaves look good so I think you’re in good shape. If it progresses, you may need to add in some calcium to you watering.

I run uva/b throughout the grow. You should be able to run it at the height of the rest of your lights. I usually run 2-3 hours a day broken up throughout the day. So like an hour on, 2hrs off, an hour on.

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