First Grow, 4 weeks into flowering and leaves are starting to yellow on the bottom

Hey everyone,

First-time grower here. About a month ago, I switched to 12/12 and now my leaves are starting to turn yellow around the bottom and get a different shade of green in the middle. Some of the well-colored leaves look “burnt” around the edges. I can’t tell if I’m overwatering, under adding nutrients, have a nitrogen deficiency, or something else. The uppermost leaves seem pointed towards the light like they are doing well, but it seems a bit too early for all the leaves to be yellowing to me. Any advice is appreciated. I will try to post some pictures if I can figure it out.

Can’t see a thing under those burple lights, pictures in natural light or use your flash.

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Let me know if these are any better

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Older fans at the bottom will yellow and die starting in flower. Go ahead and remove them.

Not enough information to know if you have a problem. Soil, nutes, TDS, PH etc all needed.


I read that the older leaves start to die in flower, but the middle of the plant appears to be losing some green as well, so I got nervous.

Soil was made of Promix garden soil with 65% peat, I added vermiculite, perlite, and earthworm castings. I’m watering every 3 days about 48 oz. very little run off with some dynagrow 3-12-6 right now. PH going in is right around 7 and TDS is pretty low. I don’t know about outgoing water.