First Grow: 4 Super Skunk (Fem) Under 600 Watt LED


I have 2 plants and 2 4x4 Scrog nets for a total of 32sq. Ft
I planted my seeds 8/22. It’s been nearly 5 weeks since I flipped lights. I would have to check my notes for exact day. The last time I topped was about 2days before I flipped the lights.


Wow this monsters are only 33 ,34 days old


My bad, I flipped lights on 8/22. Must be the ganja


Still 35 days that’s a monster compared to what I’m expecting in 35 days even 40 days I wouldn’t expect that is hydro that much better and faster


That’s a fooking masterpiece.


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These are the ,pictures I took from today. I have rearranged everything in prep, I started topping and LST on a couple of them, I made my trellis table with PVC pipe and string, I’m just trying to figure out the best way to put it in, hang it from the top, or “table” it with legs. Hanging it from the top with various size bungee cords was my original plan. One of the plants you can see looks like it was “chopped it half” lol, pretty much because it was - my mistake, but the plant made a great recovery. Another one, the “runt” is super low to the soil so I trimmed away mostly all of its large leaves that were hitting the soil. I started to see a bit of white powdery fungus so I’ve begun a light neem oil mixture foliar spray which is already done wonders. I threw some ladybugs in there and I have a couple of sticky traps just for precautionary reasons.

I removed one of the 600 LED Watt and replaced it with the 450 COB LED Watt, so now the grow has one of each. Once I switch to flower - I only have to turn on my timer and switch the OTHER 600 Watt LED to bloom. I topped ALL of these plants once, which has made them extremely bushy on top, and I have been LST training them a bit, but again - I’m not sure when the right time is to put the trellis in there.


The tent is always open, I have no reason to close it until flowering time. This certainly helps with temp and humidity regulation which stays pretty steady 75-77F, 47-50% humidity. A couple of nights it got a little hot in there and the temp went to 81, I was all concerned but they seemed to like it - they perked up a bit, I took note of it, I’m not sure if Super Skunk likes a little higher temp but it’s something I’m keeping an eye on when things change.

Tomorrow is a feeding/watering day. I use distilled/purified water with a 1 gallon nute mixture and if they’re still thirsty, I just give them water until there’s a little run off. Question: Does anyone put Hydrogen Peroxide in their nutrient feed (I read a few places it helps with nutrient uptake)? Is this true/ false/unnecessary, etc? What’s the ideal temperature for the water, when feeding/watering? I also read SOMEWHERE lol, that it’s good to water a little, wait a few minutes to see what happens cause it may take time for the water to get through the soil to the bottom and then continue if need be, is this a common practice for anyone? Does anyone add Epsom Salts and if so, why?


Also, they’re all 28 days day - that’s a total of 7 weeks from the day they all popped up from the ground. Figure, give them one week as a seedling? So there 5-6 weeks into veg depending on how you determine seedling/plant.


Some people use H202 to kill bugs in the soil, but i’m not sure about nute uptake.

I like to keep the water at room temperature. I use tap water and just stick my finger in as it’s running to get an approximate temp.

When watering it is a good idea to allow the water to get soaked up by the soil before saturating the soil, so yes, that’s true. I do this.

Epsom salts are used to add magnesium to the soil. Many plants need extra and it’s a good way to make sure they get it especially is you use R/O water. If you do regular feedings of nutes though, it’s usually not necessary.


When should I put this freakin’ trellis in there lol ? I topped all 4 plants once so far on the main bud, and played around with a couple of other things, I always get the indica or indica dominant hybrids so things are all short and bushy, at this point - I don’t know to expect much more height at all in the next week but who knows? I’ve never gotten this far. lol


You still have a couple of weeks before you need the net. They’ll start to stretch soon.


Lookin’ good @thcrootz I just started some Super Skunk (fem) as well to go with my Gorilla Glue. Put the Super Skunk seeds in Rapid Rooters last night along with 4 Gorilla Glue cuttings. Will be watching your grow.Hey @raustin tag me in for your scrog. I think you saw my last one n reefer’s post. Started LST techniques back in the early 90’s. Took a break from growing for awhile. Just started growing again earlier this year. Oh how I’ve missed it… Felt good to get the branches circling the wagon again.


Hi @thcrootz. You’ll want to hang that net high enough so that you can work under it… probably @ around 15" . The plants should grow into this very easily. I just looked back in my journal, and I put my plants in the scrog on Day 45, which was Day 30 of veg for them, and they were between 12-15 inches in height from the soil at the time. They grew a bunch in flower, but I super cropped them, so I stopped measuring them then. Good luck!


Thanks for the tip, I definitely wasn’t sure about the details of the netting. Things are looking really good. I had a bit of a Cal-Mag deficiency but jumped on that pretty fast. I find that two of the four girls are a bit taller than the others (although all 4 are kinda flat and bushy, at around 8"-10"), and FEEL like they might need to be staked during flowering. Or, will that not matter once the net is up?


Once you put up the net, you won’t need other supports. You’ll just bend them over and either tuck them under the net, or tie them to it, and then they grow more shoots up from there, where the buds will grow. It will be lovely.


Here are some pictures from today - which is Day 43 from the day they all “popped” at the same time (9/12). How do I know when would be a good time to switch to Flowering? And for that matter, when I switch, don’t I have to turn the lights off for 24 hours first? I can’t remember if there’s some sort of technique at this stage.

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You can flip any time now. All you have to do is switch your lighting schedule to 12/12, that’s it.


Alright. For a first time do these look decent lol?


They look good and healthy. Though if you want to SCROG with that net then you don’t want to flip to flower until the net is almost filled.


that was my concern…I’m kind of torn bc I’m running out of space, for example, if you looked down on the canopy from the top, the whole freakin’ thing is covered. I can lower the net if need be, I made it very flexible and adaptable. Kinda proud of myself for my first try, lol. Got a little weird at the end but I was like screw it, it’s good enough. Next time, I’m going to get a bigger tent. Lord knows I wish I had some more room. I’m going to try and convince my ex/roommate to let me use his shed, it’s got grounded electric and I can clean it up, throw up some insulation and sheet rock. I dunno. I’m torn. But whatever I am, I’m definitely obsessed now! For a first time, I’m pleased so far - and excited to see what the outcome is. I’ve learned a TON from this, hands on is really the best way to go. Books are great - but you gotta get your hands dirty. I’ve never been one to shy away from the dirt, helping my pop grow his Victory Garden in the backyard of our old house. My fiancé calls me a dirty boy a lot. Maybe it’s meant to be… :::shrugs:::

Totally off topic, cause I’m a dirty boy but also very random: How does one know or find out what their spirit animal is?