First Grow - 3x North TF + 3 Randos

I am not sure where to begin, I thought about trying to grow myself for about a year before making the decision to jump right in… So, I made the decision to order some seeds, and went with North Thunderfuck as it is about as close as I could find to ATF, which is probably my all time favorite. I also received 3 free seeds (I will look up the name of the strain but for the time being I will refer to them as randos)… Figuring that I’d be lucky to have one or two of them sprout, I put all the seeds straight in solo cups and lo and behold all six of them sprouted and thus far have done well.

My plan was originally to do an outdoor grow as I come from farming stock myself, but six giant plants in my backyard seemed like overkill. So, I have had to quickly pivot to an indoor grow, and I am really just looking for the community’s thoughts on a few questions… And, maybe someone else like me will find this thread and learn something from it.

First, here are my friends (note: 5 sprouted on the 5th day, the runt was on the 8th or 9th day):


Planted seeds: May 5th
Sprouted: May 9th x5, the 6th sprouted a few days later

As I originally intended to do an outdoor grow, I was doing the leave them in solo cups by the window sill for a couple of weeks before introducing them to sunlight slowly plan… Unfortunately, that plan changed and I am slightly in limbo while I wait for my tent to arrive this week…

Grow Tent:
-4x4x80" Tent by VivoSun
-6" Inline fan with 6" carbon filter
-3000W LED light with actual draw of approx. 600W.

Nutrients, which I have not given to the plants yet:

  • FloraNova Grow & Bloom

-SensorPush Wireless Thermometer/Hygrometer

To be honest, having my first six seeds sprout and the plants doing well and growing rapidly has made this about as enjoyable as I could have imagined and I already feel like this could be a long-term hobby… That said I have some questions as I feel a little overwhelmed by all of the information on the internet. I would greatly appreciate any advice…


  • I reckon it is just about time to replant these guys either into a 1 gallon pot or 5 gallon, which will be final… Do you guys see an issue with me going straight to the 5 gallon final pot? I am a bit wary of multiple transfers given that this is my first experience growing anything like this.

-A couple of the plants are definitely experiencing some “stretching,” one in particular as you can probably tell from the pictures… How deep should I bury the stretched plants in their next medium to help correct this issue?

-These plants have been growing in ProMix Premium Moisture Potting Mix… Should I continue with this as the plants have done so great in it, or is switching to another medium preferred/recommended? I have seen Ocean Forrest and Happy Frog from Fox Farms spoken highly of almost everywhere… Originally, I planned on going Ocean Forrest, but I’ve heard Happy Frog may be better if I go 1 gallon pot first and then Ocean Forrest for the final 5 gallon. What would you guys suggest?

-Finally, when I do transfer the plants either to a 1 gallon or 5 gallon pot, what is recommended for the final watering in the solo cup? I have been misting 2-3x per day + soaking in water 1 minute when the solo cups feel light… Should I do this a day or two before transferring, or would it be better to water to the point of run off in the solo cups a day or two before in order to ensure the soil stays together?

Thank you for any help provided… I know this was a REALLY long first post, but I am just trying to get this right while keeping it simple. I will also be happy to do a first grow journal if there is any interest. Thank you again, this is a great community and website.

Edit: All six plants are feminized photoperiod.

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Looks good.

Welcome to the forum, you made need more light when you get to flower. As far as switching to a 5 gallon , yes no problem. As far as going 1gallon pot of happy frog then transferring to 5 gallons of ocean, I wouldn’t the soils have about 4 to 5 weeks of nutrition in them so I wouldnt change my schedule. By no means am I saying you can’t I just wouldn’t personally

Thanks, man. I took your advice into consideration and returned the blurple (things I learned this week) LED in favor of a 1,000W HPS.

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