First Grow 2nd week

All put in soil on April 23rd. 8 days ago. Just was wondering how they look and the one that def needs help any recommendations?
5 ww auto
2 gold leaf are in the solo
domes taking off for photo

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Nice job so far. I don’t see any issues.

Thanks! I was wondering when I should add my first round of nutrients, For the 5 widows I mixed this nature living soil 1 pound each, mixed ffof with perlite topped with aabout 2 inches happy frog (because I been reading ffof is too much for seedlings). I was thinking cal mag soon with just water (was waitiing for my liquid ph to come in bc my tap is a little high).

Be cautious of blending your own soils as the main issue with media not designed for weed is where their PH is. It really needs to be in that 6.0 range and most soils will allow PH to dip drastically in late flower where you really don’t need it.

Looks great so far. Be careful not to water too much. Nothing should be wet, just moist. Let your soil do it’s work. There is no need for nutrients yet. Just be patient and watch them grow. They want to live, just let them.

Good luck

I woke up this morning and most of the widows leaves are pushing up on the dome I had over it. Just a 2 liter bottle. Is it time to remove the dome?