First grow, 27 days into flower

Gold leaf now 27 days into flower. Everything seems to going well except I’ve noticed the plants no longer have a smell. When in the veg stage there was a slight, aroma that I found quite pleasing. Since switching to 12/12, they no longer have an odor. Is this anything to be concerned about?

Not at all. Next time u tend to them take the main cola and move it a bit. My berry stopped smelling a while ago. But when i water or first thing in the morning (almost before lights on to maybe 30 mins after the odor is abundant. Is she outdoors or indoors? Heat and humidity can sap ur terpenes (smell of thr bud. Idk the scientifics but long story short they burn up)

Thanks for the reply.
Plants are indoors under a Platinum P450 LED light, grown in fox farms Happy Frog, using FF nutes. Heat is relatively constant varying between 69- 72 degrees F. Humidity is not measured, but it varies with each watering. Plants (tent) are in one corner of the basement with a dehumidifier on the other side of the basement. I had no trouble smelling them in veg. Now I’m getting no odor even if I bury my big nose in them. I’m using an exhaust fan with carbon filter but that did not prevent me from smelling the plants in the veg stage when I opened the tent. I can literally remove the carbon filter and not detect odor.

Just give them a few weeks. Ive never grown GL specifically. But i know the odor did kinda disappear on my Berry a bit