First grow 2 n.lights auto, 2 early miss autos 2 super og kush autos

this is my first grow . my setup is a 5x5 tent with one 600 watt mars hydro l.e.d…grow medium is fox farm ocean forest. coco loco, perlite, and hydroton mixed in . I use just tap water ph down to 6.5 to water I have not started nutes yet wanted to let them just what’s in the dirt first.

one MarsHydro 600 in that tent is way underpowered ive got two of the same light in a 32x32x64 tent the light footprint isnt big enough for your tent but you can get second Mars and keep your plants directly under lights should do great

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Two Marshydro 600 each one is drawing 270ish from wall so real power is 540 watts give or take

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Good LED lights 30-35 watts per square foot
HPS sweet spot is like 50 watts per square foot with LED its tricky got to go off power draw from wall hope this helps

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I would put your lights about 20-24" from plants that young. Others who use leds may give you a different number, I’m using HPS. And don’t stress if they seem like growing slow at 15 days. Most growth during that period is in root development, and can seem like the plant is going slow.

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Looking happy to me

Gonna get awfully crowded in a 5X5 with all those plants, much less all different genetics. You gonna have your hands full bro. Lol

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I can barely fit my two girls in my 5x5 lol

I’d recommend a bunch of fans in there if you’re going to have plants close together.


With autos you should be good with space in that 5x5
Once you flower plants will usually double in size, so keep that in mind!

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Need more guys like you buddy! Thanks for your service to our country, and even more importantly to your brothers.

I have a Dark Devil seed I’m waiting to grow, I’ll be watching your thread closely!