*FIRST GROW* 1xRandome male, 2xHarlequin fem

Creating new topic to solely focus on main project.
Tent was freed up of space and both harlequin ladies transplanted into 2nd pot, not main yet, will try to get proper root ball and start using a bit of sensizym for the one on the left as it already shown very good root development, hoping not to over do it. Both harlequins planted 2+ weeks ago and as you can see the one on the right was stunned from overwatering, but i noticed slow root development when transplanting so will let her to get on her feet for a week, lose wet feet and give slight dose of sensizym as well. The plan is to get pollen from male i am mainlining and pollinate one of harlequins branch (preferably healthier one) and manifold both for max yield with low expectations from stunned little one. Victory hand :v:

Male planted 16/02/2021
Females planted 13/03/2021
Using: tomato nutrients with breath taking ratio of 7.29/6.31/18.79(i know, i know…)
Sensizym advanced nutrients
Flawless finish
Water ph level being controlled with few drops of vinegar

Found her like this in the morning, gave her water yesterday with a bit of sensizym. Looks like underwatering or nutrient burn? Please help!

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Might it be i gave too much water and roots aren’t getting enough oxygen? I am thinking of repotting her again, add more perlite this time and just slightly rinse the soil

Hey man, I could be wrong but I think it could be heat stress. Edges of leaves tend to curl inwards when there is an issue with heat and/or light. But your newer growth looks fine so maybe just keep an eye on it and see if it spreads or just stays on those leaves. :woman_shrugging:


Ah, if you’ve recently repotted it could just be a bit of post-transplant shock.


It couldn’t be heat strees as they were at same distance from led’s like before, the soil was too wet and i mean really too wet. I had to repot both harlequins again and add no water this time, but that was definetly lack of oxygen…

Well I dunno then mate, sounds like you’ve probably got it figured it out. :v:


Will see soon, i really hope so…

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Topped 3 times, continued doing manifold technique to steep learning curve for when i grow female. I noticed those male egg sacks open like little flowers, is that suppose to happen? Perhaps it means something in particular or is something wrong with the plant? did i overdo in any way?

Okay figured that out already, but now i cannot understand why did it open up so early? it already had good amount of pollen

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Update: tent has 2x Chemonade 2x Harlequin. Modified grow bags a bit for more efficient growing in spaces i want. 1x Harlequin topped for manifoldig, which was stunned by overwatering before and recovered. She is 1.5 months old, but is smaller than a the other harlequin because of the overwatering so will be kept for pollination mainly. Chemonades are starting off great have a good feeling about this strain, i was able to win those on some giveaway.

Male is 2nd week into flowering doing great and is preparing pollen for some cross breeding, i wish i knew the name of the strain, it seems it’s indica dominant. Tomato nutrients i used for it has smeel of turd, i was wondering if it can affect phenos this strain’s pollen would transfer as male does trasfer smell/taste if i am correct?

on same giveaway i got 1x mystery autoflower and surprise, surprise it had two seedlings. Pretty neat to get to see that in person, never thought that even happens. So i would like to save both seedlings and grow as seperate plants, before one dominates the weaker one. I read that autoflowers don’t like transplanting as much as photo’s, so want to get expert advice one how can i possibly transplant them to seperate grow bags i modified specifically for those seedlings?

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What?! That’s crazy! It’s like they are literal twins!
Yeah the reason people advise against transplanting autos is because it can stress them out and due to their shorter life span there is sometimes insuffient time for them to recover. Unlike photos where you can keep vegging for as long as you like until it’s in a recovered state. Can’t really do that with autos. But some do still transplant as, when done correctly, can still encourage more root growth.
Personally I’ve not transplanted my autos and always see them in their final pot. But I might get more adventurous one day :relaxed::+1:

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Will try to carefully transplant them in seperate pots before they get root bound, yeah nature is magical :star_struck:

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Looks like you got a lot going on, where is that male plant’s home? He lives in the living room or separate tent? I feel like somehow I have already read past the answer but can’t recall :thinking:

Just a begginer really, still learned a lot and killed some seedlings along the way,but i feel it was worth for those plants i have currently. Yes i transfered male plant in front of my bedroom window so it would get direct sunlight for 12/12 , as flowering should be short anyway and i thought sun light will give me more pollen. :slight_smile:

@Covertgrower Hi,sorry couldn’t find a way o contact you. Could you advice on something? I have male plant 2week of flowering going to an end, should i give nutrients still or light and water is enough?

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Treat the male the same as a female. You should be good.

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Update: Pollen collection was a success and it’s stored in different jars for 5 pollinations. 2x harlequins are 2 months old (do your plants look that small after 2 months or is it because of trainning and overwaterg?) two smallest plants in middle are randome auto twins and they are both looking great, i do diffrent LTS on smaller one, bending fan leaves closer to main stem to expose hidden bud sites and it seems to work. Both chemonades were topped 3rd time and hopes are up they will catch up, do you think they will catch up? Ones grows faster than the other one (those are f1) so i will pollinate stronger one jsut really wish they all catch up in a month or so…

How close to flowering those auto’s are you’d say? (sorry for bad quality photos, they seemed better on phone…)

And was wondering if i cut those fun leaves under but sites, would it speed up the growth? as most of thse fan leaves are in shadow.

Have a great day cannafam!