First grow, 1 Super Skunk,1 Gold Leaf, 9 unknown

my first grow, i have two plants growing from ilgm and then rest are random seeds from friends. my wife keeps telling me to write a journal in a book and i never did it but now regretting it. I know it a bit of a late start but nows better than never.

the largest plant is around 3 weeks into veg
8 of them are about 2 weeks into veg.
and the gold leaf and super skunk are a little over 1 week in

ive had them all growing under a 400w MH since germination

have light 350mm above canopy. i lifted it to about 600mm for a couple of days last week and the plants seemed to stop growing so i dropped it back down and they took off!

using batshit fertiliser, recommended 10ml per Litre but im using 5ml because of age

soil “premium 100% organic soil”

if anybody has some tips for me, or constructive criticism, im a knowledge sponge :slight_smile:

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Looking healthy, a good start…are you growing all 11 plants in that tent? It might get crowded.

Have you got a fan circulating air in there to strengthen those stems?

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What size is your grow area? I agree with @kabongster that you need a fan to gently blow across the plants, use one that oscillates so they aren’t hit all the time. This builds strong stems, and the air circulation is beneficial in providing fresh air to help plants transpire. You will need to start looking for early signs of sex in the bag seed plants so you can pull the males and make more room.


It isn’t a sure sign, but watch any plants that stretch taller than the rest. It’s been my experience these are very often males. You have a mix of strains, so hard to compare, but started a bunch from bag seed this spring, and at least 80% of the plants that grew taller were males.


Yeah normally a male will grow 50% faster than a female that’s just a rough rule of thumb I’ve heard. I’ve actually seen this but never measured and got exact numbers, males def grow a little faster


Hey guys thanks for the feedback, yup i have a little oscilating fan that gets them all and out of all the plants in the tent, only 1 of them is growing really tall and fast and is less bushy 'he’S the one named high hope’
The tent is small and im bankin on most of the plants being female so i will ditch the tent and line the entire room with white plastic sheet and have 2 or 3 600w lights hanging from ceiling if all goes well


Sounds like a plan

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I have a question, im not sure if this is a symptom of amateurism but i cant stop putting my nose upto to main nodes and taking deep breaths in to get an aroma and for some reason none of them smell like buds except ‘dwarf’, she smells really skunky!!! Is this normal or a possible sign of sex identification?


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It is normal that some may be skunky when others are not, its not a sign of sex though. Both males and females can smell skunky or danky. It just depends on strain, pheno, conditions etc.

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Awesome, thanks bro.
was a little worried there that i might only have one female.Ill post up pics 1nce or twice a week to keep you guys updated, with the grow.


this little one just doesnt want to grow, hes at the back right in photos.
i think theres a problem down in his root system.
might give it another week and if theres no progress i might pull him.

anyone had similar issues?

How often have you been watering? Looks a little wet still, might just need to let the soil dry out some.

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@Bushgrower ,Id watch the watering ,feel the weight of those girls amd water accordingly …iwould water in small doses …Next IT’S not to late to start your journal …I Highly recommend you do while its all still fresh … and once a week on schedule …take a pict or 2 … from same place and same height … .now when your done you can compare the picts with any , feeding regimes , additives , time frames , ph imbalances . ECT … i have found it very valuable … every time … . and Love your moticom pict …i like purples … PS WECOME to the ILGM Forum … Hammer


thanks @Hammer and @ktreez420
ive been watering them all when they get dry but ill definatly slow it down and pay more attention to the weight etc.
i topped the biggest plant about 4 days ago and now its just getting rediculously bushy, is this a bad thing? did i top it too early? or a good thing?

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2nd photo update, I’ve moved the ladies around a bit because the plants closest to the fan (fan is in front left hand corner) are getting hit hard and its damaging the leaves.
SS and GL looking really good i think.
Ive taken a canopy lvl photo so you can see the tall one that i was talking about, it grew 2cm taller overnight… surely its a male?

The bushy growth is good. Topping plants will make side growth explode

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Awesome thanks for that, theres leaves pushing through leaves etc so i thought it might have been a bit early for that

ive had the lights at 20/4 up until now and want to swap to 18/6.
will this cause shock to bump an extra two hours off the light cycle or will be fine?

Next time consider moving the fan instead of the plants, it may be easier ?

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