First grow! 1 medical CBD and 4 THC plants

Hi everyone,
I’m Diego from Colombia
I’ve been spending time here lately and wanted to share my first try with you guys, maybe get some tips!
4x4x7 tent
1 phlizon 600w (108w)
1 bestva 1000w (185w)
Paradise seeds Wappa x3
Nebula II CBD x1
Sweet seeds Psicodelicia x1(smaller one)
Growing in a tropical area, high humidity.
I would very much prefer to grow them outside, but even when it’s legal to have up to 20 plants for personal use in my country, its best if no one has the chance of seeing your plants.
Very nosy neighbors…



I try to stick to the moon phases (according to an app) to do stuff to them, so I’m waiting for the next recommended day to lollipop them, top them and train them (apparently the 4 of June)…
They are super ready for training, they insist on grow this gigantic leaves and i think ill be struggling with space for flowering with all 5 plants in there…
I also have a question :
Can i grow plants so different from each other in the same tent under the same conditions?
Wappa is almost full Indica, and Nebula II is almost full Sativa…
Also they have different missions, as wappa is expected to go for full THC and Nebula II is expected to concentrate lots of CBD…
Im treating them the same so far, but have noticed that the CBD strain likes colder temps than the indicas…
Has anyone any experience with these strains?


I have no experience growing any of those, but I wish you the best in your grow!

Plants look great. It is easier for people to help if you take pictures with natural light vs the burple lighting.

Ill post better pictures tomorrow during the day, right now they just entered dark time, so ill leave them rest…

They look good to me too, but haven’t checked the bottom growth outside the blurple lights in about a week…

Also, i do not have any idea of the ph.
Don’t have a tester right now and im flying blind about it.
Coco soil+worm humus+perlite
About 60% coco, 35% humus and 5% perlite
3 gal pots

I’m on my third grow, some advice I can give to help you along the way.

Get a PPM meter, takes all the guess work out of feeding. This is the one I use, cheap and does the job.

Get a pH meter early in the grow with soil it hard to overfeed in veg, but as you approach bloom most likely you will have nutes build up in the soil. This is the meter I use, been working great for me. You can also test your run off when you water to gauge soil pH level, same with PPM, if you see a spike you are building up in the soil.

.This is a great community with a lot of knowledge. Good luck! Don’t be afraid to ask a ton of question!

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Thanks for the tips!
Im planning in getting a ph meter, but im going to check the links you posted…
The only measures im taking about the ph is that i mostly feed or water them either with boiled tap water or a local brand of bottled water that i was told its about ph 7…
I am relying on the soil mix for some nutrients, as i can’t easily find cannabis specific nutrients here in my country, so i have some locally made nutrients… But i have noticed that the nutes im using don’t have any Calcium or Magnesium…
Getting Epson salt tomorrow.

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The thing is, im doing it without a proper budget.
My initial budget (250 usd) was used on the tent (105 usd), the crappy Phlizon 600w light (90 usd), and the shipping from NY to Medellin, Colombia…
All the other stuff was either old and reused like the fans, or given for free to me, like the seeds and the pots.
I actually can’t save money quick enough to get everything right this time, as salaries here are crap (minimum wage around 1 usd/hr) and i have to buy whatever i want/need in the states with the help of a friend who lives there…

Im more worried about how underlit i am, and my main goal in the next few weeks is to get a loan to buy another light, hopefully much closer to what i need…

I would love to get some parts and build my own light, but since i probably won’t be able to gather together 500 usd to burn on lights on time for flowering this time, im thinking of getting a Mars Hydro II 900…
Around 300 usd for a flowering area of about 3x3…
I know that’s not nearly the ideal light, but something like that would have to do for now.
Im getting anxiety just thinking about the flowering time coming with only around 250 real-off-the-wall watts of cheap chinese blurples…
Can you do something that sad and still get decent flowers?
Wich would be the best training method to get maximum results with weak blurples?
Apparently my Paradise Seeds plants have top genetics, and im hoping that helps a lot, but i understand that it’s mostly about the lights you use…

Also, between an HLG 135 quantum board kit (around 140w max, but full spectrum) or the Mars Hydro 900 (about double the power, but just blue/red)
Wich one would you pick and why?
The HLG is just under 200 usd, the MarsHydro just over 300 usd…


Your plants look good set to watching good luck!!!

Hola! Go Diego, go! Welcome to ILGM. It looks like you’re off to a great start. I agree that your biggest issue is the lighting. What you have will do alright for vegging while you get something bigger built/bought. In the meantime, you may be able to lower them to get more intensity to the plants. You can also turn on the veg and bloom switches throughout the grow to get as much light as possible. Talk to @dbrn32 about lighting, he’ll get you squared away there. :v:

Oh, and as far as the sativas and indicas in the same tent, you can top/train the sativas and just let the indicas do their thing to even them out some. If the sativas are still too tall you can supercrop them. :+1:

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You’re going to get more light per watt consumed with the hlg light. So it’s more or less a matter of where/how you spend your money.

This is Psicodelicia, by Sweet Seeds…
I actually don’t know anything about it, but i got it as part of the deal with a friend who is letting me use a Bestva 1000w (185w) to complement my Phlizon 600w (108w) with the condition that i have to take care of this plant for him…
Anything for more light, but it’s going to be tight… It’s about 4 weeks old, grown next to a window until it got here a few weeks ago, now it’s full of branches


The 3 Wappa

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And the only survivor of 3 Nebula II CBD, im pretty sure i drowned the other 2 :frowning: high hopes on this one…I’ve never tried a CBD strain, and i have suffered from depression most of my life, and the friend who i live with is struggling herself with depression too, she’s in a pretty bad state lately and we’re hoping all this CBD thing is more than hype…
I have a bad scoliosis case myself too, and a bit of pain relief would be great.
Any suggestions for future CBD strains to try would be much appreciated, especially if the suggestion comes from personal experience.

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Really nice plant there with your hand looks so healthy. What type growing season would you have outside

I should add all of your plants are beautiful you must have good weather. Welcome to the forum and good luck on your growing.

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I’m living in the mountains at the south of Medellín, Colombia…
The middle of the Andes.
Around 5700 feet altitude, usual temperatures go up to 82F during the day and down to 60F during the night.
About 3 quarters of the house are surrounded by actual rainforest, so humidity is really high…
Mostly upwards of 70% RH, but i can lower it down (for now, with smaller plants) to about 50% with the exhaust fan at max speed.
Top exhaust sending the air into the house and a lower intake taking in air from a window next to the jungle.
I have to keep checking for insects around the tent, as the window stays open and i had a few white flies for a few days chewing some of the leaves…
Not sure how they got inside the tent, but they aren’t there anymore.

If my neighbors (owners of the place) were cool about it, i would love to grow some of the Colombian strains who actually thrive in this mountains, like Colombian Gold or something the locals call “green apple”
Enormous plants who love this environment.
But the garden has to stay secret for now…

So, someone put me in contact with a sales rep from a Chinese grow lights manufacturer, and they want to have me trying and reviewing one of their lights…
It’s probably not going to be powerful enough, but its apparently full spectrum

Hopefully it will help me a lot with the lighting deficit, and im more than happy to try it

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Nice plants. Welcome to the forum.

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