First Go Round On Scratch Build

@kettle thanks brother! I tend to lean more towards sativa dominant strains, but I have white widow, bubblegum, AK-47 fems on the way. Not sure what the stature of this Brandywine hybrid will look like, but hopefully I can get one of these ladies to love their home enough.

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Potted up last night after Brandy #2 shot her tap root through the bottom of the peat plug. They both seem to be pretty healthy and responsive this morning! image image

Decided to try somewhat of a cheaper approach before purchasing one of those little USB powered humidifiers. :crossed_fingers:t3:This is effective enough.image image

Wet sponges didn’t work so I found a good deal on a mini humidifier at a local store and did a little box mod after a few evening tokes yesterday. The ladies :crossed_fingers:t3: seem to be loving it! So hard to keep from messing with the box now that it’s pretty much settled at 80 with ~50% RH. I think I’ll move them down an inch after lights out and see how they do​:man_shrugging:t3: I want to try and keep them from stretching as much as possible, but I know this early they can get too much real quick. No real comments on the light setup. Any thoughts? 30w LED veg grow light from Home Depot.


First full water yesterday. I measured the ph level after running well water through a small bit of The black magic soil I’m using. PH was 6.5 coming out. PPM in the low 90s straight from tap, 130 measuring after running through soil. They look happy, but wondering about Brandy #1s limp leaf? Brandy #2 is a tad bit shorter but overall looking healthier IMO.

Any thoughts on the small leaf on #1?
image image image

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How’s it going since last post? @AKMechanecks should be noticeable change by now!!
Longon :seedling::v:

@Longon they have definately taken off and I am learning quite a bit as the days go on. Here’s a recent shot within 48hrs. You can see some points at which temps got warm, and I’ve been playing around with some main stem stretching. Going for a bonsai squat. The main stem is handling it well and it’s not stunting new growth. Roots are going crazy and have several air pruned spots showing. Gonna need to pot up here pretty soon and move them to a bigger home within the week I imagine. Right now I’m making a wild guess at 1 male (BW1) 1 female (BW2) just based off of structure…we’ll see.

Also, won’t be too much longer I imagine before I need to top/fim. So many different trains of thought and recommendations out there. Probably gonna try To FIM, LST, and run a screen. :man_shrugging:t3:

Just some current pics. Fimmed BW1 & Topped BW2, they seemed to be handling it well enough. Decided to put some more light choking on BW2 and push “him” down again. BW2 is much taller and you can tell BW 1 will be much shorter and squatter. Haven’t decided what I’ll actually do if I have 1M/1F. Any comments would be appreciated. Cheers

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New Beds

Girls have had a couple of stressful days but woke up proud and shining this evening! This is the point where this starting light is just not enough I believe. Looking at the leaves reach high up like that…the outer edges of the light don’t appear to be providing much of anything for these guys. I have ordered a Fissioning 2x2 QB and sent back the viparspectra I had ready and waiting. Hopefully everything goes smooth with shipping and delivery🤞🏼


Haircuts, waters, and a new home to be very soon.


Ended up breaking a main branch on BW2 the other day. Taped and stuck and she never missed a beat. I ended up cutting quite a bit back in hopes of reducing weight and stress on the area and it did well. That got me to thinking…we’ll let’s break BW1 in the same way and see what happens. Well…BW1 did not recover and is now a 3 legged dog, but still trucking. BW2 is a good looking strong girl I’ll post some close ups next time they are out to water and hopefully into a new box.


can I ask you why you cut a few of the leaves on the ends?

@pptrsha1 sorry it’s not a very good pic. A few of the leave tips are folded under where they touch the inside of the box.

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thank you

Broken branch never recovered but still looking good I think.

Broken branch recovered but not completely healed over yet.

Had a little Time To work on the new box…getting very close to moving them…


Don’t know why the pictures are all sideways…sorry😕

Couple under different lighting from earlier this morning (pre trim)


Haven’t used any nutrients yet, but just watered and PPM runoff was ~800. Been slowly dropping last few watering forms ~2000. My seeds and nute shipment never made it so ILGM is resending. Gonna have to make an avail purchase for the next feeding. Hopefully they don’t get screwed up😬