First Go Round On Scratch Build

@kettle thanks brother! I tend to lean more towards sativa dominant strains, but I have white widow, bubblegum, AK-47 fems on the way. Not sure what the stature of this Brandywine hybrid will look like, but hopefully I can get one of these ladies to love their home enough.

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Potted up last night after Brandy #2 shot her tap root through the bottom of the peat plug. They both seem to be pretty healthy and responsive this morning! image image

Decided to try somewhat of a cheaper approach before purchasing one of those little USB powered humidifiers. :crossed_fingers:t3:This is effective enough.image image

Wet sponges didn’t work so I found a good deal on a mini humidifier at a local store and did a little box mod after a few evening tokes yesterday. The ladies :crossed_fingers:t3: seem to be loving it! So hard to keep from messing with the box now that it’s pretty much settled at 80 with ~50% RH. I think I’ll move them down an inch after lights out and see how they do​:man_shrugging:t3: I want to try and keep them from stretching as much as possible, but I know this early they can get too much real quick. No real comments on the light setup. Any thoughts? 30w LED veg grow light from Home Depot.


First full water yesterday. I measured the ph level after running well water through a small bit of The black magic soil I’m using. PH was 6.5 coming out. PPM in the low 90s straight from tap, 130 measuring after running through soil. They look happy, but wondering about Brandy #1s limp leaf? Brandy #2 is a tad bit shorter but overall looking healthier IMO.

Any thoughts on the small leaf on #1?
image image image

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