First girl from colloidal silver pollen

Day 79 of flower

Hey everyone long time no post. I figured I’d jump right back in like riding a bike! I’ve been ghost reading, but I missed posting. I didn’t grow at all during the summer due to overstock. Now I’m just finishing up (part) of my first grow since April, so I have something to talk about. The girl on the left is Pineapple Chunk, I’ve grown that before. I might have done a journal on that one. She’s got about 3ish weeks left. The girl on the right, is my pride and joy. Her breed name is “2020” and might be wrapping this week. I made her, so I named her! LOL. She’s born of a feminized Cheese Auto which had colloidal silver treatment and produced the pollen which was given to a feminized Vision Auto. Thus producing feminized auto plants (should be) every time because the donors both provided two X chromosomes. Pretty neat, huh?
Anyway, 2020 has taken on most of the phenotypes of the father like:
-big clumpy buds on stems that look like you could just pluck them off
-very, very few leaves for easy cut down
-Under 90 days to finish…this is trending 86 days
-Tall stretchy lolly poppy
In the early bud stage, the buds looked like Mother.
The mother took 104 days.

More glamour shots

And Pineapple Chunk

Two different self bred plants just broke ground. One is an Auto/Photoperiod cross. Not sure which phenotype wins, but the dad was a photoperiod.
I have one more I’ll start in late Jan/early Feb, I’ll talk about those parents more later.
Finally I plan two more to start in Early April and Late April for another colloidal silver breeding grow.
…to be continued?


She’s looking good :grin:

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I will have to check out the jacks , I’ve tried several different kinds and gh has always been good to me . I’m always looking for a better way though !

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Looking like some stout buds man, noice! When you use the CS do you spray only one branch and self pollinate or do you spray one plant and use another plant to pollinate? I’m stuck on which way to make me seeds.

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I spray one branch and use the pollen on itself and other plants…HOWEVER
I’m finding that my first two self-pollenated seeds produced girls that clearly had genetic defects. In retrospect, this does not surprise me. A few more attempts would tell me for sure, but I have limited grow room and time for cycles.
All of the cross-pollenated seeds have grown well. This does not surprise me either.
I’m collecting pollen on another CS grow this cycle. This will be to better understand storing pollen.