First frost Oct. 13

I have two autoflower growing outside, I’ve got about 4 weeks left they are in bloom Do I transplant and bring inside, or harvest


I agree with 4-6 weeks left. If it’s going to be under 50° f it will likely not ever ripen. I say 50 but different strains won’t tolerate under 60 f . If you harvest you will be disappointed by quality. So in my opinion trying to move it inside is the only option just remember it’s important to keep the light schedule the same, you can gradually increase dark time if it’s less than 12 hours now. One more thing once you get it inside don’t put powerful lights at bloom distance ( depending on light but at least 25 inches away) right away leave the lights high until it recovers then you can give it some pressure to grow better and faster … good luck

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Any tips on digging the White Widow up from my garden, concerning root damage ?

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Welcome ! I have left plants out to Mid October for the same reason to get them finished . You can always cover it up at night when weather gets too bad. I think if you dig it up it will it will stress the plant. Just my thoughts good luck. Let’s see what other members think about digging the plant up.

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I agree with kellydans that you risk shock digging it up and why I said not to put your lights right down on top of them until they recover and I’m assuming that they will recover. You named this frost covering them is an option if you’re only gonna have a couple days under 50 but I think you would risk more damage covering them every day for months plus they could stop growing even if you do. So this is definitely a muti level decision

If you think it’s just one or two days of cold then stay above 60 you’ll probably be able to leave em out there with minimal damage

I will opt to leave them alone in hope of a break with the frost. Although I have fiber pot ready with a mix of potting soil,Coco Bliss, and Compost, top-dressed with seed starter.

Thanks Guys for all the advice, it helps not to make a foolish mistake

As mentioned above. Put some stakes around your plant (mKe sure they go above the plant). throw a sheet over it at night to keep the moisture off and remove in the morning.

There has been three days below 45 degrees but they were not back to back. I put trash bag over the plant until morning.


Well it’s Oct. 17 the temp has not dropped below 40’s. I heard auto-flowers can withstand some low temps.