First flush and can't get nute levels back up

Ok, so I flushed one of my plants. She’s at the end of her 6th week and growth started seeming like it was just stagnating. After reading some of Bergmans Lab stuff I decided that maybe I was starting to get some nutrient lockout via salt buildup. Soil is FFOF and didn’t start any feeding till around the 4th week. My numbers have been good, pH hanging out at 6.1-6.6 and I have been keeping my nutes well within FF Trio’s ppm range, although to the lower side of the range.

Here is how I flushed. Plants are in 3 gal fabric pots. 2 gal’s with sledgehammer in it. Let it set for an hour. Flushed 4 gal’s plain water. Let it set for a bit till it quit draining out of the bottom of the bag. Ppm’s at the end of the 4 gal flush was about 1240. So I added nutes with a total ppm of 1700. Runoff from that was only in the 1550 ppm range. Ok, well I decided too add another gallon with the nute ppm up to 2390. Ppm went back down to the 1200’s.

Anyway, it’s back in the tent for now and will wait to hear what from some of you too see how to proceed.


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6 weeks in from ground breaking? The FF Trio numbers are all their nutes added from the feed schedule not just the trio. I didn’t know this or pay close enough attention on my first grow with the trio and my numbers were all over the place. Got any pics? :love_you_gesture:

Yeah, 6 weeks since she popped her head out of the ground. Here is a pic. The plant looks healthy but it seems like the buds have pretty much lost all of there steam and just staying the way they look now.


Sorry for the poor lighting. I didn’t want too take the pic while it was in the tent.

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Why are trying to push the nutes so high? You are asking for lock out.
run off should ALWAYS be lower. Means they are eating.
It can go up down by a couple hundred.
Some people push PPMs up to around 2k in peak flower for a couple feeds and that’s it.


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I’ve used FFOF with the trio, and am at week 4 of flower. I’m still a beginner, but even going in, those PPM’s are way high. FF soil already has a lot of nutrients in it that last 5 or so weeks. Most on here don’t advise giving nutes until flowering begins.

At week 6, you appear to be going into flower, but with numbers that high, just give her water for the next week or two and make sure your pH going in is between 6.2 and 6.8. I wouldn’t even worry with nutes until your runoff PPM is closer to 700 with normal waterings. Very beginning of flower you should really be closer to 900 going in.

in some resemblance of following fox farms feeding schedule, i have kept the nutes so far in the ppm range specified on there feeding schedule which is a ppm of 2200-2500. So that is why I was trying to get it back there. I haven’t had any nute burn on this plant maintaining that ppm range.


It’s a very aggressive nute line. Rarely can people get away with full strength. If it’s working for you run it. Those PPMs on the chart are in. As long as run off is lower, Go for it. But the chances are if it’s stalled, it’s not because of the lack of nutes. I’d be looking into environmental factors. Lighting(enough?) temps light schedule.

I usually would feed when it dropped to 1000ppm on the 700 scale, 1400 was pushing it in most cases. :man_shrugging:

I originally started giving nutes when runoff came in at about the 1250 range. I didn’t give nutes because it was week 4. Am gonna let her set and see what she looks like after a few days.

All plants are different. She might be extra hungry! If she looks happy keep going, the lower the run off on feed the more you know she’s eating!

ok, thanks for the replies. i actually used generally under 1/2 of the recommended dosages on the chart until today trying to get the ppm’s back up.

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Really? I ran the entire line. Sometimes pushing 8 nutrients in one mix +calmag and at full feed I hit 2400ppm on the 700 scale. Makes me question your meter.

I can imagine it maybe wrong. I guess I need to take it back where I purchased it from and have them test it. It’s not a el cheapo and not top of the line either. It’s an HM Com-80 meter. The place I purchased it from will check it for me. No problem there.

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I use the same one as part of my testing regimen, grab the calibration fluid bro.

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yeah, I can put 2 teaspoons of big bloom, 11/2 tsp of each one of the other 2 in the trio and get a reading of >1500.

If I remember correctly when I ran the trio I’d get around 1000. LOL. It is what it is. If she’s happy. She’s happy. Just make sure you are calibrated :sunglasses:

I see also you are using the 0.5 scale on your meter. maybe I don’t know, and I probably don’t, but I thought the 0.5 was for the 500 scale and the 0.7 scale was for the 700 scale which is what the fox farm feeding schedule says to use, the 700 scale. That would definitely make your numbers read lower.

I was just using that as an example, that I use the same. I prefer it over the Apera meter for TDS. Apera for pH

5 scale I’m running for jacks and HF. I used 7 scale for fox farm nutes. :+1:

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ok, gotcha on the scale.

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This is a common mistake when it comes to Fox Farm nutrients. The numbers are based on all the nutrients for said week.

They don’t have a partial nutrient schedule. They should because not everyone will get Dirty Dozen with Kelp Me, Kelp You, Wholly Mackerel…plus the 3 powder and the 3 liquid ones.

I use their entire line and their numbers are pretty spot on with what I test.