First Flower AK47 auto

2 AK47 feminized autos
Coco/perlite 50/50
33 days old
10" height with what I believe is first flower
Other plant
8 1/2" height no flower
Ph 5.5
General hydro flora nutes trio with calmagic
Using MH 600 watt bulb

Is this a flower, pic below
If so do I switch to my 600 watt HPS bulb, if not when.

Any other further info also greatly appreciated. My First grow.

cant tell if thats flower in pic. looks like a new sprout perhaps.

whats your lighting schedule?

ive read in other posts around here. sometimes auto’s need a little nudge, by adjusting lighting schedule.

18/6. I just switched out the light bulb for the 600 watt HPS, figured it was getting close to flowering if not already. It’s my first grow so maybe with the few mistakes (too much heat, got air conditioner, transplanted too soon, over nutes once) I’ve made. Probably caused the stunted growth, they seem pretty short to me.
I also think for the AK47 autos I should have gotten 3 gallon smart pots (fabric) instead of the 5 gallon ones.

Also, do you know if it’s common for them to droop after 12 hours into light period. Especially my one plant that’s shorter. It always looks good/normal when the light comes back on after 6. Weird

Go ahead and switch to your hps bro don’t worry if that’s a flower its an auto it will flower my brother those look great !!! My autos are under 24/7 600watt hps just harvested two fast and vast and got 11ozs no lie !!! I have pics

Thanks for the incouragement Bronco and yes would love to see any pictures. I’d have mine on 24/7 schedule if I wasn’t so worried about my electric. My new bill at the end of this month will give me an idea of the increase. I’m already looking forward to my next grow with all the wisdom I’ve learned from here n trial n error.

You don’t have to do any thing. When shes ready she will flower. She is perprogramed nothing you do will change anything. When shes ready she’ll flower but not till then. Auto-flowering strains will automatically start budding after about 2-3 weeks regardless of the light schedule they’re given.
18/6 or 20/4 light schedule is used. 18/6 is the best.+n
Auto-flowers have a very short vegetative period, it is only about two or thee weeks, maybe 4, and this does include the time immediately following germination, however there is not a change in the photo-period from veg to bloom, or normally this is not needed nor desired. Most people seem to agree 18/6 or 20/4 are the best photo periods for autos, start to finish, and of course some people do believe in using 24/0 with autos, but whatever light cycle you choose, most agree keeping it the same throughout every day of the entire process is best. .


These are 35 days old, but as I stated above they had a rocky beginning. Not sure if this would have delayed flowering.
I’ve read that many change the light schedule to 12/12 to force flowering to kick in. I’m thinking I should give it another 7-9 days to kick in by themselves. What do you think?
Also, what I thought may have been a flower was not.

Ya, they will flower. Like I said there preprogrammed
When there ready they will. So ya give them time