First Failure to germinate an ILGM seed

So I have had my first failed germination and am shocked. Lol I have 7 strains and grow 2-3 plants at a time. I decided to do my states legal max and low and behold …. I had a GSCE auto fail to even open.
But otherwise…… great success.

That is unusual.

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Contact customer support for a seed replacement, and they’ll take care of you.


Unfortunately this does happen from time to time. Could be a number of things.
Glad you took it well and not all freaking out and blaming everyone else.


For one seed that I bought a 10 pack of, I wouldn’t dare bother lol. Besides that, ILGM gave me a 10% discount on my next purchase so I think that outweighs one seed not germinating. Unless they want to send me a free Maui Wowie seed because that one just might be next on my list lol


@MH47…… yes it is. I got a sweet deal on 40 seeds. 10 of 4 strains and I know how to clone so …
No biggie. Everything else has been great

I’ve had a few ILGM seeds fail. Then again, I was the cause!!! If I ever had a fail I didn’t cause, I doubt I would mention it because a failure is soooooo rare.

Ive had a ilcm seeds that three never opened either , The other three I over watered I believe . IGHL is hard to get feedback from . Really would like the three unopened Guaranteed as described . This was a gift from my wife . hopefully it works out

Ilgm has better success rates then most but no seed is guaranteed to germ even if it gets a tap root but the only fail I’ve had so far from ilgm was 1 bubblegum