First ever scrog advice needed please

was just wondering at what point do you stop having to tie ( push the tops under the netting) and leave them to do their magic
they are 8 days since 12/12 switch I know I have at least 12 to 15 days of stretch left roughly I haven’t managed to fill the whole netting canopy yet to
any help would be appreciated ty

I would stop trying to tuck once the branches start to harden, or a couple weeks into flower. They should be nearly done stretching by then, too.


Ok thanks @elheffe702 they bend under really easy at the moment and like I said I got just under 2 weeks left of stretch fingers crossed I can get a full canopy (flat table like surface ) nearly half full once I get to the point when stretch is over and they become stiff and showing flowers I need to get as much advice about defoliation, what I can make out from looking at pics and reading on the internet is anything under the net goes then leave them fatten up

Some people take everything from below the canopy off, letting the plant focus her energy on making big top colas instead of the small stuff below, like you said. Others leave everything. Others remove some, just what is necessary to allow some air flow and prevent mold, and to allow light penetration. Whatever you choose, go slowly and don’t take everything at once. Give her time to recover between trims.

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Ok thanks again I have to get some pics uploaded I do it when I go over to the secret garden tomorrow

I slowly trimmed away just about everything below the canopy. I take a little at a time. You can take just about everything that isn’t getting any light. I also have a fan below and above canopy.

this was taking about 2 weeks ago and I have cleared more of the lower branches that were not developing any buds.

this is about 25days from flipping to 12/12


@Smokin_ernie @elheffe702

girl scout cookies

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northern lights x cronic


I did take some more pics of 2 gsc and 2 autos diesel x blueberry but files was to big to upload the autos are starting to show hairs on the bud sites today yeehaa hopefully 3-4 weeks they will be harvested as they 6 week old now
happy growing people thanks for the advice

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sorry @Smokin_ernie these are 9 days from flip

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Things are looking good. Do you have any flowers showing? I would think you should. I have been removing leaves that are covering any bud sites which is only a couple leaves at a time. One thing I am learning is that for the plant to veg for a few weeks and fill in the net before flipping to 12/12 light schedule. My net was pretty full before switching the lights. It looks like you just put on the net?

no I set the net low about 12 inches above the base of plant and let them grow in to it I have a short time scale only let them veg for just over 3 weeks I have got work men coming to mine everything has to be harvested and equipment gone by 2nd week of July so I flipped them a couple weeks before I normally would

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I have fans blowing under and above and have them on a drip feed no flowers showing yet just the budsites where I can see they will be

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excellent you are well on your way then! Yeah time restriction stink.

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I have ona it’s a oder agent I put it in the end of my venting out pipe so anybody walking pass smells fresh linen smell lol but starting to get the lovely aroma indoors

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nice I am starting to get beautiful waves of smells coming form when I open the door. I check out that odor agent.

do it mask smells 100% just don’t leave it in your room/tent it alters the smell and taste of your product

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good to know thanks

Hi @g-reg.

I have a scrog going right now:

I am around two weeks since they started budding. She will be tied down extensively this week and until the stretch is over. Last grow I trained my plants until the buds formed like you see in the pic now, and then stopped:

On that particular plant I also had two screens, because she legit doubled in size when I made the flip to 12/12. As a result, she had a lot of long colas (for a scrog anyway), and I got a lot of larf bud. This time around I am trying to mimic @TDubWilly’s training style from his last scrog:

I’m trying hard to get as little larf/fluff as possible this time around. Once I get her tied down again this week I’ll update this post with another pic of her tied down again.

Your plants look great, btw.


thank you @Bogleg just hope I’m doing it right I have 4 girl scout cookies and 2 northern lights x chronic I hope I can get mine to look like yours do with nice big colas this is my o ly my 3rd grow so think I’m not doing to bad for a newbie I keep everyone posted how it goes and update some more pics in about a week to show the improvement