First ever outdoor grow

any advice greatly appreciated! :slightly_smiling_face:

What part of the world do you live in if your in the northern hemisphere it’s too late to start an outdoor grow

didn’t upload pics yet… theyre already started


new to this site! Just posted pics…

Got ya nice plants thought you were just starting

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Just starting meaning first ever growing

Looks like you’re doing good when do you usually get your first frost in Massachusetts

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Nice plants looks like they made it through the storm ok

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How many plants do you have going

9 I’m sorry. I reached my daily limit…
I’m looking for opinions regarding pruning/trimming if I even should

Give them as long as you can wait.

I am on my 4th grow outdoors.

I’m in Massachusetts as well.

I trim fan leafs along the way…usually have to harvest in late September or early October due to the rainy season moving in.

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Looks very nice. I’d just let it grow.

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Wow!! Huge plants very nice

As others said, let’em do their thing until worry of frost or until harvest before if that is how it goes :slight_smile: Welcome to the forum community.

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Updated pics
one seems to have mildew ugh
reading hydroperoxide…