First ever growing GSCE auto

Here’s my first auto ever. Thank you ILGM for the seeds. This is a Girl Scout Cookies Extreme auto. Sprouted on the 16th of November in 2021 but within the first 2 weeks of life I over watered the shit out of it. It turned yellow and sad looking. But after I let the soil dry out I transplanted her and had to cut off the black roots it started to develop. Then after about 2 weeks of recovery she took off. I did some lst and very little trimming. She is in full flower and I think still has a couple weeks left. Currently on day 78 let me know what you think.
I’ve only watered it. Using the subcool supersoil and according to their feeding if done right you just only need to add water. So far not disappointed. Next plant in using subcool again but I’ll be doing atop feeding and a couple tea feedings. I’m in a 2.3"x2.3" marshydro full kit.


Welcomed to the community @GrassMan420

Nice girls, congratulations looking wonderful and beautiful flowers

Happy growing :metal:

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@GrassMan420 Yo that first pic is STUNNING :star_struck:!!