First Ever Grow!

Hoping this baby will end up being female, so far it seems to be growing good. Producing an odor from the leaves, looks like there may be pistols beginning to show but I am uncertain. Any feedback would be appreciated, it is approximately 6 inches tall and first popped out of soil around August 10th.

I’m unable to see any pistils, but it seems to be stretching some. May want to provide more light.


Looks like stretching, as @Blountville said.

What lights are you using? And how far away are the lights? :v:

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Both @Blountville & @ktreez420 are correct.
You need to brace her up and get a breeze on her .The wind, a very light breeze will faten her stack and make it strong for later in flower to hold up thoughs big buds.


I actually misread the lighting schedule for veg and was only keeping it under a compact flourescent and natural sunlight for 12 hours. Hoping it will make it if I make sure to have 18-24 hours of light. I keep the light approx 4 inches from the top of the plant. Thanks for your input, it is much needed and appreciated!

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The more light it gets, the better. Only mind temperature, as it will increase as you add lights. Just keep them a safe distance from the plants, and provide airflow as @garrigan62 told you. Spend time reading old threads here about lighting. Its all covered, and you can find answers quicker than waiting on an answer to a post. Plus you must build a fundamental knowledge of what your doing to get a bountiful yeild for your efforts.

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