First Ever Grow: Skywalker OG Kush (deleted last post)

This is my first ever grow so any advice is welcome!

Hi! I’m Hemp and I’m addicted to growing plants :sweat_smile: About a year ago I got into growing citrus and then had to overwinter them. My hubby and I built a diy grow tent to help them thrive during Winter and now it’s Spring, so the grow tent is/was empty… :joy:

Please go easy on me for the beginning set-up (unless the seedlings are leggy/stretching​:eyes:). I just got a 3x4 Maxsisun grow tent in the mail today, and you better believe I threw that sh*t up immediately! :sweat_smile: I will be ordering an Cc Infinity 6" ventilation set up (thank you to @NeoGro for the suggestion! The products look sleek and mean af, can not wait to order them!!! :joy:)

If you’ve gotten this far, I thank you! I may be hitting a pen as I write this :sweat_smile::joy: So into the grow!

Grow Space: 3x4x6
Strain: Skywalker Og
Germinated by soaking for 48hrs and planting into pre-buffered Coco coir & perlite (70/30) mix.

May 24th
started to pop out of the soil

May 25th (Day 1)
started to mist daily
Heights: 1 3/4in, 2in, 1 3/4in

May 27th (Day 3)
Heights: 2 1/4in, 2 1/2in, 2 3/4in

May 28th (Day 4)
Heights: 3in, 3in, 2 1/2in
No pictures but the Unknown Strain started to push it’s 2nd pair of true leaves.

May 29th (Day 5)
*Fertilized for the first time with 1/4 strength of ILGM Seedling fertilizer.
*Skywalkers start pair of 2nd true leaves
Skywalker #1: 2 1/2in
#2: 3in
#3: 3in

May 30th (Day 6)
No measurements, daily misting the top of soil to keep coco moist
*New 4x3 Grow tent came in and transfered babies to it

That’s all I have for now! I will be ordering the new AC Infinity ventilation system this week and will post pictures when it arrives :blush:

I also will be ordering a new lighting system either this week or next, it’s a decision between an Ipower hps/mh 600watt (thanks to @DirtBug for suggesting the look into Hps!) and the Volt VL-1. I am currently leaning towards the Ipower but once I decide and the new light arrives, I will post new updates!

I will also try to keep this updated on the odd days of the month, so every other day, with any growth changes or just new pictures of the babies.

Thank you for getting this far and taking interest in my grow! I look forward to any advice!

Side note: I have CalMag & a pH/EC pen coming in the main tomorrow (May 31)


Apologies for the problem with emojis, I tried to edit it and it would not allow me to do so :sweat_smile::joy:

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Nice id lower the light some to keep them from stretching so tall. They r reaching for the loght thats why so long and tall. When u transplant bury most of whats showing and it will help out in the long run. Nice so far. Whatvloghts r u using. I see pink purple so i gotta ask


@Hempqueen9 what fans are you purchasing for what size tent :tent:? If it’s 4x4x80 or 5x5 you’ll need the 6 in for both T6 and S6 if you running a strong light panel or HPS I recommend the S8 & T8 if you want to grow in the 70’s with 50% humidity in my experience with AC infinity fans . I have a T6 and a S4 and I still need the S6 and I’m either over are right at 700 watts between 3 different lights. I’m running a 315W LEC/CMH for veg and flower with a 4000k for veg and 3000k or bloom , with an Advanced Led light that’s a 200W XTE dual switch that’s running pure wattage around 185W draw I think it rated and a China cheap model Led 400W which is only about 146W I think until I decide on which light I wanting to put in here which like you and most of us , light searching but make sure you which ever light you go after , research so next year you not trying to but a new light . Measure 5 times , spend once to get at least 5 grows so the light can pay for itself . It’s a lot of choices and options? Vegging lights in my experience CMH is the best light to veg hands down , to flower I say a multi mix of spectrums would be great, but Led is proving themselves against HPS with technology and they are much more efficient on cost .

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@Hempqueen9 what Mark0427 said. Their stretching for the light. Lower the light and put some medium around the base of the lanky stem for support. Long good other than that.

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They ready to transplant to be honest while the roots are searching out the soil depth to signal the plant 🪴 to start vegging . If you transplant now to they final pots , in 2 weeks they will start vegging nice big fan leaves :leaves:, they will also in that solo cup for the next 6 weeks as well but as soon as you expose the roots at that point , you will stunt them much slower than now while it’s early and the roots are spiny and sharp like needles . I have a much faster finish in flower when I transplant earl , saves me at least 2- 3 weeks, but if I get busy and wait them out even at the same age, those that are transplanted sooner always finished faster in my experience !

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@Mark0427 I don’t even want to say what I’m using, I’m using the lighting set-up from Overwintering my citrus.

On May 25th or 26th I ended up dropping them down to about 4in away and they looked liked they perked up and enjoyed the closer lighting!

I will have a new lighting set-up either this week or next week!

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@yoshi they are ready to transplant already? I wouldn’t even have thought they were! So I should transplant when the roots start to poke through the side soil and look like small needles?

Should I plan to transplant just once?

I was thinking of upgrading to a 1gallon and then into a 3gallon. Would the double transplant be unnecessary with Coco coir? I just don’t want to Overwater.

A lot of growers wait till the true leaves(serrated)reach the rim of the solo cup to transplant so I would wait a bit

When you do transplant, I would put them in their final home… less transplants=less stress


@Hempqueen9 that is considered but it’s not necessary honestly cause each time you transplant . You take the chance of stunting the plant each time you transplant, which adds more time to finish. Now the sooner you get them in they final pot , the faster they will grow and root so they can flower . Since you are controlling the plants life cycle , it’s truly up to you right , which is the one gallon to a 3 is a preference. Once my seedlings show they first set of signature leaves :leaves:, I try to get them settled in they final pots so they can keep rooting without stunting so I can finish faster. Here I’ll prove it ? When did you plant your seeds ? On what date :date: , cause I have a few seedlings started and I’m almost sure we planted around the same time and my seedlings compare to yours is growing much faster I think, I can be wrong it may be another member . And as you transplant you can build the soil up on the fragile stems so they can have a bit more sturdiness.


@Mr_Wormwood should I wait until the new set (pair? Right?) of true leaves (5lobe) are about the same size of the first set/pair?

Okay, I will transplant them into a 3gallon then and skip the 1 gallon! Thanks! Would 3 gallon or a 5 gallon for a 3x4 space be best?

@yoshi I put my seeds in Coco on May 23/24th after a 48 hour soak and their small roots all popped.

Today marks the first full week of them having popped their first untrue leaves.

This is the date :date: all 4 was up in solo cups , on May 24th I transplanted all 4 plants but the gg4 and sonic screwdriver was 2 weeks older and already topped , gg4 had been topped twice , at second node and third a week apart.

This is the 4 babies , the gg4 is the behemoth, the smallest is the screwdriver, the two that may not looked topped have been topped today .

I tried marking them with abbreviations but I have really really large fingers , but let me see if u can make it plain .
G.g4 = bottom left ,
Sonic.Screwdriver= top right ,
SkyWalkerOg= bottom right ,
ZweetleTooth = top left :ok_hand:.
But since I’ve top the smaller indicas today , if I see :eyes:a good recover response by next Monday and the side shoots start spawning out , I’ll be flipping to flower and starting my scrog. If not June 7 I’ll be flipping to flower .
Now just a suggestion from a rookie like myself that’s been doing this for a very very long time and still learning I must say cause I just tried the 6/2 in veg and the response was so outstanding in the first 3 weeks , it’s now mandatory out at the farms :tractor: to initiate this schedule to all vegging nurseries on photo periods . I have to try it on autos , but as far as photos :camera: periods , it’s now my new time schedule for vegging , insane growth , and your seedlings will love it cause I think at that stage they only used around 6-8 hours of light and a short rest so they are not triggered into bloom . I have not really experimented beyond that point yet as 7/3 or 8/4 but 6/2 is what I’ll vegged seedlings on when I’m growing. Those of you running them high power panels HLG drivers or CMH like I’m running , will see crazy explosive growth and root building .
I’ll be flipping to bloom in the next week or two and start the screen , just really trying see plant development, and bud production , I’m not really going for big weight , just premium quality tgats not regulated now by how it’s done in the labs after testing !

So we’ve basically started the Skywalker right at the same time. From looking at your pictures, I am way behind! :neutral_face:

Good experience to have my first grow, so now I know what to look out for.

Would you recommend me waiting until the next set gets as big as the first set and then potting into the 3gallon with covering up (not sure how much?) of their stems to help with the stretching?

@yoshi how soon did (do) you start fertilizing? I’m in Coco/perlite

I have a super soil mix recipe I do in measurements, but I start my seeds in either promise plain or light warrior plain . Than I make my recipe and I layer my pots , I put the mix on the very bottom , about half full , but I don’t pack the pot , I spray my soil with my "formula A35 " than i just tap them on the ground twice boom boom , than I back fill them with the soft soil medium , I have been using promise sunshine #4 with micorhyzi or Fox Farm Light Warrior but I’m going to Sohum and the Purple Cow next to give those a go , anything to make it simple for me .

In my mix I add dry fertilizers to feed the plants for at least 6-8 weeks depending on pot size . This prevents grow nutrients salts drying in the medium as doing veg , which also helps prevent tip burning :fire: , I learn dry amendments can be more forgiving cause the plants are able to take what they need without over feeding verses high inconsistent liquid nutrients going in wet and drying over time cause many beginners done keep a consistent watering schedule due to lack of patience and rushing the plants to finish . Many follow the water, water , feed , schedule which is great if you feeding moderately and not to heavy . Those salts build up and cause hot spots and defiencies later I’m transition when the plant no longer needs nitrogen , but when you used liquid nitrogen nutrients , that the chances you take if you don’t water and drain your soil out thoroughly in between feedings due to lack of patience and hurrying . I was that guy , so to stop burning :fire: them early in veg with all the additives , dry fertilizers is much easier it you get your measurements perfect or spot on but not to hot . If it’s hot :fire: you can flush it out with low ph water to get it back in range before adding seedlings or clones. Most clones can start feeding from when they were taken off the mother plant Pryor to cloning after they root . This way I only used ph water and seaweed extract through veg for some of the nicest , prettiest , strongest seedlings I’ve been growing in the beginning and now this new light schedule is really really proving its science facts big time , I’m loving the 6/2 veg time . Now once I flip them , I don’t have to transition my nutrients by adding 2.5 ml of bloom each feeding and taking away 2.5 ml of grow to transition out the nutrients , now I just give a light bloom feeding with some Open Seaseme at the light flip , and boost them from there on how much they can eat to the max by week 5 and back down by the end of week 6 and just water them out real good for the last 2-3 weeks and I water starve my plants in the end to help with the cure and drying to get as much moisture out as possible.

@MadamCalamity here’s my current grow and some of the details of the grow. :blush:

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Friday, I have the Ipower 600 watt hps/mh light & 6in AC Infinity ventilation system arriving! :grin: I will post pictures of the new setup & updates of the babies then!

Light schedule: 18/6

Made my first overwatering mistake on Sunday, thinking they wanted/needed more water. Now I am waiting for the Coco to dry a little more before watering again. Good lesson to learn early on!


@Hempqueen9, if you running MH try 6\2 in veg your plants will thrive even stronger, faster, and more healthy and you won’t be burning excessive hours of unused light :bulb:. It’s a proving science and ill be running 6\2 forever since I’ve tried that schedule and witness the responses. Every 6\2 veg had bigger bud weight by over 67% more than an 18\6 veg in my opinion, im no expert but I do grow quite often and push all barriers to find results.
You are going to used a trellis for sativa plants with MH \ HPS it’s no other way to grow sativa under them due to the stretch is insanely wicked.
Now in coco you can add a 1 liter of water daily ph to keep them moist so your medium stays moist and doing that daily, after week 6 in veg you will notice daily growth by at least a half inch if not more. Just remember you can always add to .


Is your 6/2 light schedule meaning 6 on 2 off then repeat during a 24 cycle and will that work for autos?