First ever grow on my own. Seeking support 😁

It’s Tania from Brisbane Australia.
I’m growing 2 Northern Lights autoflowers. Tall one is Day 52 and smaller one is Day 25 (I think).
I’m not sure if there is anything wrong on the stem of first photo. The bumps.

Any advice or comment would help heaps.
Thanks in advance


Cut back the nutes by about 25% I’m seeing some nitrogen toxicity otherwise they look great


Thanks so much.
Such a quick response and you’ve just reassured me I’m on track.
That makes me feel happy.

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I agree with N overload. I wanted to add a welcome to the neighborhood and some friendly advice. It would be beneficial for your shorty to set it up on something to get some stronger light on it. I use other pots, boxes,old milk crates just to get her up closer to your light. Good luck and happy growing


And one more bit of advice, when you take pics, try not to take them under the grow lights. Especially the blurples. It’s really hard to see the true colors.

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@Tania what type of lighting do you have?

Hi ya
I’ve got a 300w Viperspectra LED.
Very much a newbie

Do you have pics of area? Is that 300w from the wall,pic of tag on light? You have made it through the hard parts, now patience and keeping up with her needs are your only worries! Looks good! :+1:
and welcome to ILGM forum! You can get some ones attention like this @Tania!

Hi and thank you for your encouraging words.
I’m using a 300w Viperspectra LED with a pedestal fan. Very basic but so far so good. It’s in a closet under the stairs. Secret squirrel!

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I like your grow space!

A suggestion: You might consider either painting the brick flat “bright” white, or if that is not possible, get some large pieces of cardboard to hang over the brick area - also, paint the cardboard flat, “bright” white. Your plants could use some of the light lost by using the brick background. Position the painted cardboard so your plants will use some of the reflected light for photosynthesis.


Thanks mate.
I’m looking to get some mylar or is cardboard and white paint just as good and cheaper option…
Appreciate your help.

Psst: I even have a light colored carpet in my grow room to reflect as much light under the plants.

Be creative!

Remember: Growing is learning!!! :thinking:

Look into LST next time. You’ll get a lot more bud sites and will keep the canopy even. Just my two cents. Great job though!

Hi, first time post, I live in SEQ, coastal, as everyone knows it doesn’t get ‘cold’ here, like 18c in this area is freezing for us, if I plant now outside, will it survive outside through the winter?

Hi @wilrc I’m not sure where SEQ is I’m guessing it’s around the equator where there’s not a winter. The problem is that in some areas there’s never 12 hours of dark to trigger the flowering so it might be better to grow autos. This guy I was talking to said when he lived in Florida he had a plant growing for over a year and it never flowered. Now I don’t know this guy so I can’t say he was being honest about it you know how some people are. I live pretty far south near the Mexican border and I’ve had plants that didn’t flower until November but they have always flowered
I would definitely look into it before spending a bunch of money on plants that will only ever be ornaments lol
Welcome to the neighborhood and good luck