First Ever Grow - Indoor | Grow Tent | LED | Auto White Widow

Hey peeps, New here! :wave:

Long time smoker, first time grower. I’ve been wanting to take this on for a long time, but after a new home purchase and the COVID-19 situation, I thought I’d take on the project while I’m stuck in the house for 3+ months.

I plan to post here a couple times a week on this thread, to update anyone that would like to follow along - and also candidly, because I’m losing my sanity not speaking to anyone else at home!

Starting with 1 Plant so I can concentrate on the environment first go around.


Grow Tent: TopoLite 20"x 20"x 48"
Grow Light: WILLIS 600W LED Full Spectrum
Seeds: ILGM White Widow Autoflower
Grow Medium: aPotforPot Medium Grow Setup
Air Flow: Not needed right now, I can sustain 75°F with 50% RH with no problems. Small 4" fan to keep up circulation.

Grow Stage

Day 3 - Soaked in PH Neutral water, seed cracked and popped a root in 2 days. Transplanted the seed into the Seed Germination Kit (see link above) Also began cooking the large pot medium before transplanting at the end of day 7/8.

Pictures of Setup/Plant:

Any feedback, commentary or criticism is welcome - as I’m just here to learn and grow!

Note: I’m also an avid researcher of anything I want to do, so I promise my questions will be educated!


Welcome to the community.

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Welcome to ILGM forum. Glad to see you start journal. I’m set to watch. Good Luck and Happy Growing.

Appreciate it @MrPeat & @Bulldognuts. Looking forward to contributing going forwards.

Welcome to the community ! We’re glad to have you. You’re in the right Place to have a successful grow.

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Thank you @kellydans! Does anyone else get that growing itch where you wake up and just want to see how much it’s grown each morning? :sweat_smile:


Absolutely!!! On my first grow I’m sure I checked on my white widow autos like 20 times a day!! Here I am 6 grows later and I go in there once a day now lol

Welcome to the forum and good luck on the WWA. That was the first plant I grew and did exceptionally well surprisingly. Lots of good people here to help out if any issues arise.


Okay good, glad I’m not alone! And it’s good to hear that the WWA grow went well. I was thinking of doing the ScrOG method - how did you grow yours first time around?


I pulled 10oz off of 2 of them in a 3x3. I was running fox farm soil at the time amd they did really well.

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I would hold off on the scrog method whenever your running autos. Since they can flip themselves to flower on their own, the plant might start flowering on you before you can get the scrog net filled up. I would use the LST method and just try to keep the plant rolling along without stunting it to much. Alot of times autos will go into flower if they get stressed.


I feel like that’s an extremely strong yield for a first time plant. I set myself a goal of a 2oz minimum from this plant, as it’s my first go around and the quality is more important than the size of the yield. If I got 5oz, I’d backflip over the grow tent!


As long as you keep your plant happy then I forsee you getting more then that. White widow is a very hearty strain and it can take a beating.

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Sounds like you’re hooked.

Been doing a lot of reading the last few days about nutrients, as I may need to order some.

Using aPotForPot grow kit, so it’s advertised as not need nutes due to the soil mixture. It contains Super Soil (not sure of components), Diotomaceous earth, Coco & a top soil mix.

I can’t for the life of me find anywhere that someone has/hasn’t used nutes with this kit. Thoughts? @aPotforPot any guidance here?

Day 5 from planting the cracked seed! We have lift off!

Hi! Nice setup!

Our Superb Soil doesn’t need additional nutes to bring an autoflower to harvest, but we do have some growers who like to add some to get an additional boost.

We recommend you use no more than 1/3 of the amount on the nutes label and water with nutes every 3rd watering, since the soil is already hot.

Be careful not to overwater, it’s a common mistake, and be sure to transplant early rather than late. Transplanting late could stunt her growth. It’s way better to get her and her pellet into that top soil on the early side.

If you have any questions or issues, just tag us or email


Oh you are a legend, thank you!

I’ve just picked up the Fox Farms Trio to start on that schedule come Tuesday (Day 8 from seed crack) which is when I’ll transplant as well.

Thanks for the tip on the overwatering, do you happen to have a recommend watering schedule for your medium setup? Obviously it differs per environment, just wondered if you happen to have a preferred watering ‘amount’. Did some research and everyone has their own tbh.

Also just picked up a small fan, humidifier and PH meter to complete what I think will be everything I need for most of the grow.

Day 8 from seed crack is pretty early to start with fertilizers. We recommend you wait until your leaves are a few inches big, or a few weeks old.

For watering we recommend the weight method. Feel how heavy your pot is when it’s first fully soaked when you setup the soil and top soil, and water to maintain about 1/3 that weight. You’ll develop a good sense of feel for its weight with practice, and you’ll also start to pick up on signs from the plant that it wants more or less water. That’s part of the fun of learning.

Also, I noticed you link to the “WILLIS 600W LED lamp” up top. I wanted to point out that it’s an actual 135W. That’s plenty for a 5 gallon grow kit, but it’s confusing for new growers because a lot of LED lamps market themselves as “HPS Equivalent” wattage instead of their real wattage, since LEDs are so much more power efficient. Sometimes newbies compare the two and don’t realize they’re comparing apples to oranges.


This is all super helpful, thank you! I’ll hold off on the nutes then :sweat_smile:

The light was just a budget purchase in case everything fell apart, but I agree, it’s a bit misleading to most who see the ‘600W’!

Here’s where we are at on Day 8, going to transplant today.

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And here’s a quick tent update.

Added a fan, humidifier, PH/Light/Moisture meter and transplanted the little one. Watered it nicely and off to sleep for 6 hours.