First ever grow in the closet

Hey guys first grow here new to it all I thought it was sticking seeds in the ground and waiting thank god for finding this site lol…and thanks to everyone who has helped so far and I still need more but I’m starting this to properly record my first attempt. I will get pictures up asap just at work right now so not able to…Some specs to give you an idea the room is a closet lined with emergency blankets it’s roughly 4 foot wide 2 feet deep and maybe 8 ft tall. I’m using (for seedlings) plastic pots don’t know sizes will have pics. I have a vipraspectra 300w led and now two 60w cfl lights not yet setup. I’m gonna be using fox farm liquid nutes. Soil is ecoscraps organic potting soil and for bigger pots I have mushroom compost to mix in. The three seedlings I have are on a 18/6 light regiment. Don’t have exhaust or fans figured out quite yet on the night cycle open the door and run a 20" box fan on them from across the room…and I just got my ph control kitchen in the mail last night checking all that out tonight. I think that is all anything I forgot to mention just ask me cuz trust me I’ma be asking for help everyday and like I said I’ll have pics posted to night and thanks in advance


these are what I have on my phone…does the seedling seem to be stretching?

Yes it is stretching try lowering your light, what type of light do you have

When you get them into their forevery homes just pile your grow medium up on the stem and it will be fine, also run a fan a slight breeze with strengthen the stems just don’t blow on it directly

300w led it’s only about 22" from plant top

transplanted the biggest one waiting seeing how it takes then doing the others

when I move mine to a bigger pot I always plant it very low no matter how much or little the seedling has stretched looking at yours I would of done her a bit deeper but that’s just my opinion

She is pretty deep I just piled up dirt around the stem


First on I transplanted and he’s growing great just noticed the slight droop there is no yellowing just something my camera did

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transplanted and I think I might have been a bit rough and honestly need better pots…what you guys think? I think either shocked or dying not sure they perk up a bit with the lights on but not much just let me know your thoughts



Great start!

I am not a seasoned grower and don’t want to pretend I know it all. However, I am guessing you need more lighting. I have a post where you can get a lot more details (I will come back with the title so you and anyone else can check it out if you wish).

If you want a really strong grow, you should be shooting for 50 true watts a square foot (many say 35w with LEDs). You said your area is about 2’x4’ or 8 square feet. That means you ideally you need about 400 true watts. That Vaporspectra 300w has about 135 true watts. Frankly, CFLs don’t work real well past seedling and are not adding much. Using 35w LED benchmark, you need 280 true watts. Two of the lights you have will give 270 true watts.

I would hate to see you go through all the trouble of growing and then get a weak harvest.


This is the title. It is under lighting.

Add a 450W LED to two 300W LEDS or a 250W HPS?

I will say for veg and plant growth the cfl are fine go to my journal “guess it’s time to start a journal” you can see a beast I grew with only cfl 23w house bulb

the one in the middle was veged with house cfl 6500k 23w bulb

Yea with the room space temp has been the issue but winter is coming would another 300w led do the trick on top of the cfls or should I shoot for more? I don’t want to use hps maybe next time