First ever grow Grizzly purp and gooberry outdoors


Question about washing or rinsing weed after harvest to remove dust?

Hey @PhantomFarmer what do you wash your buds with? Someone asked me if I was washing mine…first id heard of it.


I’ve washed mine the past few times. Can definitely see the crap coming off.

Top of bud turned brown

@HighDesertFarmer - I see someone has linked the Cervantes video. That’s exactly the process I used.


@bruinsfan33 @PhantomFarmer I will definitely give that a try thank you.


I think what you’re doing there looks amazing, I can’t wait to be able to grow legally in the UK, every environment will have different strains more suited to that environment, the trick is finding the ones better suited to your climate, I’m sure if I was an outdoor grower here i would have lots of problems due to the cold and wet climate here, welcome to the group, I really hope it all goes well for you, you seem to have done your homework well


@HighDesertFarmer hahaha u said exactly what i did also. Read the forms for months then got up the nerve to post! Welcome!! Everyone here is AMAZING!! it truly is a great community where everyone is here for the same reasons and her name is MARY. Your garden looks AWESOME!! I can’t wait to see how tall they grow. Best of luck and :+1::+1: on the drip system!! Amazing!!!


Thanks @daz49 much appreciated ! I hope you can grow legal soon :slight_smile: I totally agree with the different strains thing. That’s exactly what this test is for me really. Which strains are viable. I ended up with 3 strains and I believe I have found one winner for sure. I am worried about not being able to get the strain again though so now it is a race for me to learn cloning and get a grow tent with 12/12 lights setup.



Definitely chat with the outdoor growers like @Willd he has been growing outside for a long time and has loads of experience he loves passing on, he can probably give you some great advice


Here are the macro pictures of the buds. I took these off of side small buds so will go in the field later to check the mature buds.

False grizzurp

Grizzly purp 1

Grizzly purp 2

Grizzly purp 3

Grizzly purp 4


This is probably boring part for most but it is dang interesting to me :slight_smile:


Alright so I went out and checked the main cola and stalks and wow there is a large difference. I guess the plant just has had longer to generate the trichomes.

Firstly I killed 2 more of these buggers.
Also sprayed caterpillar death. Yay!

False grizzurp

False grizzurp

Grizzly purp

Grizzly purp

Grizzly purp 2

Grizzly purp 2

Grizzly purp 3

Grizzly purp 3

Grizzly purp 4

Grizzly purp 4



The density of crystals or trichomes or whatever they may be called is much greater on the older portion of the plant. I may separate out the smaller newer growth buds away from the main flowers upon harvest depending.


I love the trichomes shots, I did a thread on it, feel free to add your trichomes shots to it and check mine out


Hey now! Those are some spectacular looking glands. (that’s what she said)
I concur 100% about the ripeness & density varying from older growth to newer growth. If you are particular about a strain being consistent throughout I’d say harvest as it ripens instead of all at once.


Now our young Mr @Willd here can help you with your plants for outside growing


Yellow tips in false grizzurp are showing up. Gonna try and reference grow bible to see what could be happening this late in the game.


First signs of nutrients burn @HighDesertFarmer, just skip a few feed , 2 or 3…

How often and what nutrients you give them ?


I just switched them to water only so it must be a slight buildup. Still using fox farms the cha ching and open sesame which are mostly trace minerals.Will make sure to add nothing for these next water fills.


They should be ok then :+1: :ok_hand: :grinning:


Gathering supplies for both mothering and harvest.

Herb dry rack for drying

Half gal mason jars for curing

Bovedas the 62 packs for mason jars for curing

Following a topic here on ILGM about making your own clone bubbler. Bought the supplies for that.


Here’s a pic of the caterpillar death I mixed and sprayed on all plants. It amazes me that this is OMRI listed for organic use up to the DAY OF CONSUMPTION. Not many products are…makes me feel better about using it.


Out of smoke and wanted to try some Of my trim…found somethinf bad I think.
Weed was in mason jar for about a week with paper towel overlaid. Rotatedjar twice a day…still very wet. Not really dried out at all.

I’m guessing this is some sort of mildew or something growing on the trim I put in a mason jar with a paper towel over the top. I think i ruined my trim!
Sort of glad I am practicing on small kernels of weed as opposed to harvest.