First ever grow Grizzly purp and gooberry outdoors


I’m out here trimming the bottom canopies of two large plants. The Gooberry had a lot of buds touching water during watering cycle. I trimmed those off to open up the center a ton and get some airflow. Before trimming I couldn’t see ground OR center stalk.

This is the trim just from this small job. I may have smoked worse not sure. Now to get it inside some mason jars after drying a few days.

Gonna order some herb drying rack now for this trim as next month is harvest if all goes well.


So the false grizzurp has no reason for worry regarding contact for bud rot. That one stem I pulled a week ago did the trick.

Plenty of flow but these leaves touching ground gotta go.

Trimmed touching ground and water during cycle.

I am excited that I will have to use loopers to take this down! :slight_smile:

Wow this stem is nice! Probably 4x that of Goo berry.

Flower size and progress on false grizzurp.


Awesome news @HighDesertFarmer Very happy you figured out the issue and the girls are turning a corner with the fix.


Bucket update

Tired of going.out every few hours and moving buckets to water. I only had 2 buckets with holes so it was a lot of babying.
Went out this morning and drilled 4 more buckets to have holes. Now have them all filled and watering. Done for the day. Things like this make a big difference for me.

One hole drilled!

5/64 is perfect size to not get clogged by sand

All the buckets in a row. Yay! Things like this will be nice to have later on when I do another grow or have downtime and can use them on my fruit trees.


Thanks @AnneBonny ! It is good to see some positive progress :slight_smile:


HD girls looking good , I feel for you dealing with the heat ,and you convinced me to use tomatoe racks next year ,I like your idea on wrapping the tops for sun cover , but Im going find the tallest ones and throw a burlap bag over them in triple digits , great job on the grow for the rough enviroment you have .


Some might have pulled all the girls but 2, but I need to see this through and see what can be done even in the face of catastrophe. I am doing this as a test for myself to prove it can be done in my environment. If I can get a few bowls of smoke from it I am good to go.
The other goal I have for myself is to see through the process all the way to end. Including deaths and random watering issues. I want to start doing this to provide smoke for myself and cut down on future costs budget wise.

Third in line throwing some serious flowers out!

Fourth in line has also sent out some flowers though not as many. Still in recovery I think.

This last one Gooberry is giving me worry now. With last nights rain 2 buds have dropped all the way to the ground…wondering if I should trim off the 2 side branches and let energy go to the top and other non contact branches.


Trimmed the “grounded” buds after drying them a bit. Now in a mason jar curing. 6g towards the bubble project. Not bad for trim.


So a bit of struggle today but working on solutions.

Found these on my 2 biggest plants. Picked off and killed about five of them. Trying to identify and get a natural solution that isnt a hardcore chemical. I run organic farm so literally cannot use that stuff. Mosquitos nets were mentioned. I have some fine netting I will try to use. Worried about trapping any living ones inside though.

Positive note took @bob31 idea for tying up draping Gooberry branches. Seems to be just the thing it needed.


That looks better than I described it @HighDesertFarmer

Good luck with the caterpillars. Sounds like you already read the other topics on the discussion?

I would examine the buds as close as possible in the meantime.


Hey thanks @bob31. Re topics I did read them. Just got done reading up also on bt-k and it will work for me just fine. Might even look into it for my tomatoes and lettuce as I grow those and this chemical is OMRI listed.

Think I will be able to nip this one immediately before too much damage is done. Great community here.


Those damn caterpillars @HighDesertFarmer. Keep fighting the fight, that’s all you can do.


Great to hear. Those little buggers can do a lot of damage if they don’t get taken care of quickly!


Bug fixin day

Ordered some caterpillar death on amazon as @Niala suggested and am waiting the two days for arrival.

In the meantime I drove around for 5 hrs looking for it locally and found nada. This organic been oil spray was on sale though. I hope it makes the leaves taste horrible for the caterpillars until their death arrives.

Here’s the spray I used last night. This morning upon inspection I found a dead caterpillar. Not sure if this spray caused it but…yay.

I am also fixin bugs in irrigation line. I’ve had a few days to torture myself slinging buckets of water to think it over and it seems to be working for now.

Here’s my lead in setup for the irrigation. Complicated number of fittings prob 1hr in plumbing aisles haha.

This time I made sure to add in a particle filter before any emitter gets water.

The new drip system at 4gph dripping away happily. :slight_smile: :+1:

I have been researching drdrip emitters and I have learned 2 things.

  1. Pressure comp drip heads suck for very low PSI systems like my gravity fed IBC tote.

  2. The more gph the larger the hole the less prone to clogs…hmm…duh I guess!
    I bought 4gph drippers and installed them in a brand new line. Kicking out my concentric circles from he’ll and a 50 foot lead of half inch drip. Dang. Could have used old holes but the removal of barb caused each emitter to drip so had to swap to new main line.

Fixin headache bug

So basically this plant was annoying me with its questionable herm status and also how much popcorn fluff was developing under canopy after fixing watering issue. I decided to castrate the lowers and harvest the popcorn for bubble later. This is likely against better judgement and is for sure jumping the gun but I am a great sufferer of worry so it is all good.

The 2nd prune harvest for future bubble.


Dead caterpillars = good news…no matter how they got dead. :clap:


Bleeping nasties these caterpillars I tell ya!
I will keep checking bug ugh this is scary to watch. Tuesday couldn’t get here fast enough.


That’s what I call an outdoor grow! I’ll be watching this one!


So I got this $20 microscope cam that hooks to my phone. Here are my trichomes? This sample came from the first plant false grizzurp.

Uh heres a leaf

This is from flower


Looking cloudy and amber there @HighDesertFarmer Woo Hoo!


Just took samples of all bud from each plant. There is such a huge difference between the plants it’s nearly comical.

I didn’t want to take the bud snips from the main buds so the macros might be too immature. I do not know if the trichomes mature all at once at the same rate or independently.

Here are the size comparisons with a 5gal bucket from lowes as reference.

False grizzurp

Grizzly purp

Grizzly purp 2

Grizzly purp 3

Grizzly purp 4


Here are the bud samples I will be taking macros of.

FG . False grizzurp #1 in line
GP# . Grizzly Purp #2 - 6 in line (GP#5 or 6th in line deceased)
GB . Gooberry #7 in line