First Ever Grow - Got To Flower. Now What?

First time grow. I’ll save the saga, but NL#5. Vegged under an HLG225 for 6.5 weeks. Moved to flower tent under 600w hps 17 days ago. Growing in SOHUM living soil in 7 gal pots. All seems well now, just wondering what to expect mainly from a watering perspective. Been doing 2.5 quarts per plant (2) roughly twice per week. Will the ladies start sucking up a lot more water or will it hold like this. Just watering now when they need it based on top layer of soil and weight. Seems like it’s not enough. But don’t wanna geek out now and overwater. Temp 83/68. RH is low at about 50. Should I expect watering to pick up pace or hold steady? Reference pics:


They look great so far.
Keep watering. Don’t let them dry out. Think “medium” weight when you lift the pot.


Thank you and I know that there is no correct/exact answer, but should I expect to starting watering a larger volume? I am reading that a lot of growers using 7 gallon pots water roughly a full gallon every two days. I’m at about a half gallon every 3ish. Ladies seem happy. But the large difference in total water volume makes me nervous. . . .

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You water when they need it. No correct amount tbh.

Bottle fed soil grows require enough to give 10-15% runoff, then nothing until the soil dries, (not so dry the plant wilts) but a lighter pot. This is probably where you’re seeing people talk about larger volumes of watering.

Living soils require zero runoff and must remain moist (not sopping wet, but def damp). That’s why I said, “medium” weight.


Ok. So just keep on keeping on. Thanks for the distinction man.

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My plants are so big they have to have 1 gallon a day and upto 2.


Normally I’d respond with I’m a grower not a shower. But I led with this is my first grow so . . .

My two girls are about 30 inches and trying to touch all four walls of a 52x46 room. Not so much in the corners. But the four walls are all close or touching. Worried that I only have another 16 inches of room to raise the light. I dunno how big they are by standards here. I was trying to grow quick autos for a hot second before I looked again at the seed pack I dropped. So we’re just going for healthy and dense. I don’t care if they grow another inch. How big is your (plants) that it drinks over a gallon a day?

I grow Super Monsters…photos. My plants average 7 to 8 feet tall. They get 6 to 8 feet wide. I’m not nomal, let alone a typical grower.

I have to also grow horizontal. One of my plants can take a 4x4x80” tent aka 16 sq feet by itself.

I get 2 foot colas. I have had cola so massive they look like a tree.

You will see if you look around. :+1::+1::+1:

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That’s FN insane. Also a good point of reference. Checked a couple pics/posts and yeah those are some monsters.

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